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QueueMsgType enumeration

Nadin Merali|Last Updated: 5/6/2017

Specifies the queue message type, for sending a job to the Project Server Queue System.



enum QueueMsgType 



REST Interface

QueueMsgType enumeration is not expliclity defined in REST. Use the values below to understand what can be returned and set.


Unknown0Unknown queue message type.
ACProjectSave1Save jobs in the queue.
AdSyncERP2Do an Active Directory Domain Services synchronization for enterprise resource planning.
AdSyncGroup3Do an Active Directory Domain Services synchronization.
ArchiveCategories4Archive the security categories.
ArchiveCustomFields5Archive the custom fields.
ArchiveGlobalProject6Archive the enterprise global data.
ArchiveResources7Archive the enterprise resources.
ArchiveSystemSettings8Archive the system settings.
ArchiveViews9Archive the views.
BumpPriority10Increase the job priority.
CBSProjRendezvous11Make a Cube Build Service project congregation.
CBSRequest12Make the Cube Build Service request.
CBSTsRendezvous13Create the Cube Build Service timesheet congregation.
CreateProposalProject14Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2010 or Project Server 2013. Create the project proposal.
CreateWssSite15Create the SharePoint site.
DeleteWssSite16Delete the SharePoint site.
LWPUpgradeToProject17Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2010 or Project Server 2013. Upgrade the SharePoint project to a Project Server project.
NotificationMessage18Send the notification message.
ProjectArchive19Archive the project.
ProjectArchiveRetentionDelete20Set the project archive retention policy to delete.
ProjectCheckIn21Check in the project.
ProjectCreate22Create the project.
ProjectDelete23Delete the project.
ProjectPublish24Publish the project.
ProjectRename25Rename the project.
ProjectRestore26Restore the project from the Archive database.
ProjectReversePublish27Undo the project publication.
ProjectUpdate28Update the project.
ProjectUpdateTeam29Update the project team.
PublishNotifications30Publish the notifications.
QueueCleanup31Clean the queue.
ReportingAttributeCubeSettingsSync32Synchronize the cube settings with the Reporting database.
ReportingBaseCalendarSync33Synchronize the base calendar with the Reporting database.
ReportingCustomFieldMetadataSync34Synchronize the custom field metadata with the Reporting database.
ReportingEntityUserViewRefresh35Refresh the user view entity with the Reporting database.
ReportingFiscalPeriodsSync36Synchronize the fiscal periods with the Reporting database.
ReportingLookupTableSync37Synchronize the lookup table with the Reporting database.
ReportingProjectDelete38Delete the project in the Reporting database.
ReportingProjectPublish39Mark the project as published in the Reporting database.
ReportingResourcesCapacityRangeSync40Synchronize the resource capacity range with the Reporting database.
ReportingResourceSync41Synchronize the resource data with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetAdjust42Adjust the timesheet data in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetClassSync43Synchronize the timesheet class with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetDelete44Delete the timesheet in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetPeriodDelete45Delete the timesheet period in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetPeriodSync46Synchronize the timesheet period with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetSave47Save the timesheet in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetStatusSync48Synchronize the timesheet status with the Reporting database.
ReportingWSSSync49Synchronize the SharePoint data with the Reporting database.
ResourcePlanCheckIn50Check in the resource plan.
ResourcePlanDelete51Delete the resource plan.
ResourcePlanPublish52Publish the resource plan.
ResourcePlanSave53Save the resource plan.
RestoreCategories54Restore the security categories.
RestoreCustomFields55Restore the custom fields.
RestoreGlobalProject56Restore the enterprise global project data.
RestoreResources57Restore the resources.
RestoreSystemSettings58Restore the system settings.
RestoreViews59Restore the views.
RulesProcessAll60Process all rules.
RulesProcessAllAutoForManager61Automatically process all rules for the manager.
RulesProcessAllForManager62Process all rules for the manager.
RulesProcessSingleForManager63Process the single rule for the manager.
StatusApproval64Approve the status.
Timer165Internal use only.
Timer1066Internal use only.
Timer267Internal use only.
Timer368Internal use only.
Timer469Internal use only.
Timer570Internal use only.
Timer671Internal use only.
Timer772Internal use only.
Timer873Internal use only.
Timer974Internal use only.
TimerMessage75Internal use only. Send a timer message.
TimerRzNotify76Internal use only.
TimerRzProj77Internal use only.
TimerRzTS78Internal use only.
TimesheetMessage79Send the timesheet message.
TimesheetDelete80Delete the timesheet.
TimesheetRecall81Recall the timesheet.
TimesheetReview82Review the timesheet.
TimesheetSubmit83Submit the timesheet.
TimesheetUpdate84Update the timesheet.
ReportingSyncGlobalData85Synchronize the enterprise global data with the Reporting database.
SynchronizeMembershipForWssSite86Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Synchronize membership for the SharePoint site.
SynchronizeSingleUserMembershipInWss87Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Synchronize membership for the SharePoint site.
ReportingRefresh88Refresh the Reporting database.
UpdateScheduledProject89Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2013. Update the scheduled project.
WorkflowStartWorkflow90Start the workflow.
AnalysisDelete91Delete the project portfolio analysis.
AnalysisCreate92Create the project portfolio analysis.
AnalysisUpdate93Update the project portfolio analysis.
PlannerSolutionCreate94Create the Planner solution.
PlannerSolutionDelete95Delete the Planner solution.
OptimizerSolutionCreate96Create the Optimizer solution.
OptimizerSolutionDelete97Delete the Optimizer solution.
TimesheetLineApproval98Approve the timesheet line.
PeriodicTasks99Set the periodic tasks.
PDPUpdateProjectImpacts100Update the project impacts in a project detail page.
ExchangeSyncTasks101Synchronize tasks with Microsoft Exchange.
ReportingAttributeCubeDepartmentSync102Synchronize the cube department with the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetProjectAggregation103Aggregate the timesheet project in the Reporting database.
ReportingTimesheetAssignmentsUpgrade104Upgrade the timesheet assignments in the Reporting database.
WorkflowCheckinNotify105Send a notification about the workflow check in.
WorkflowChangeWorkflow106Change the workflow.
ProjectPublishSummary107Publish the project summary.
ReportingOlapDatabaseSettingsSync108Synchronize the OLAP database settings for reporting.
ReportingWorkflowMetadataSync109Synchronize the workflow metadata with the Reporting database.
ReportWorkflowProjectDataSync110Synchronize the workflow project data with the Reporting database.
ReportEptSync111Synchronize the enterprise project template with the Reporting database.
ReportingSummaryPublish112Synchronize the published project summary with the Reporting database.
ReportingSolutionCommitedDecisionSync113Synchronize the solution committed decision with the Reporting database.
WorkflowCommitNotify114Send a notification about the workflow commit action.
ReportingTimesheetAssignmentsRefresh115Refresh the timesheet assignments in the Reporting database.
UpdateProjectSitePath116Update the project site path.
AddSingleUserMembershipInWss117Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Add the single user membership in SharePoint Server.
DeleteSingleUserMembershipInWss118Obsolete. Not used for development with Project Server. Delete the single user membership in SharePoint.
TimeSheetUpdateResourceNonWorkingTime119Update resource nonworking time in the timesheet.
SyncProjectEnterpriseEntities120Obsolete. Not used in Project Server 2013. Synchronize the enterprise entities in the project.
LastMessage121End of the queue messages. Internal use only.
ExchangeCalOofSync122Synchronize the resource calendar with out-of-office periods in Microsoft Exchange.
PreparePSPermissionSynchronization123Prepare to synchronize the global Project Server permission.
PSPermissionSynchronizePWASite124Synchronize the Project Web App site with the Project Server permission.
PSPermissionSynchronizeProjectSite125Synchronize the Project Server permission with the project site.
PreparePSProjectPermissionSynchronization126Prepare to synchronize the project-level permission.
ScheduleWebPartSave127Schedule web part save.
ProjectImportTaskList128Protect import task list.
ActiveMonitorCheck130Internal use only.
ManagedModeTaskSynchronization131Synchronize Managed Project With Task List
ResourcePlanMigrate132Migrating Resource Plans to Resource Engagements.
ReportingWSSIssueSync133Synchronize the SharePoint Issue data with the Reporting endpoint.
ReportingWSSRiskSync134Synchronize the SharePoint Risk data with the Reporting endpoint.
ReportingWSSDocSync135Reporting (Project Document Sync).
ReportingWSSDeliverableSync136Reporting (Project Deliverable Sync).

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