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ProjectType enumeration

Nadin Merali|Last Updated: 5/6/2017

Specifies the type of project.



enum ProjectType 



REST Interface

ProjectType enumeration is not expliclity defined in REST. Use the values below to understand what can be returned and set.


Void-1Internal only; do not use.
MinRequestValue0Internal only; do not use.
Project0A standard project.
Template1A project that is used as a template when creating other projects.
Global2The enterprise global project.
ResGlobal3The enterprise resource pool.
LightWeightProject4Deprecated, do not use.
InsertedProject5A subproject.
MasterProject6A master project, which contains one or more subprojects.
TimesheetAdminProject7Timesheet administrative project, used in upgrades from Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. For more information, see the Reporting database schema reference.
NewProject100Internal only; do not use.
NewOffset100Internal only; do not use.
NewTemplate101Internal only; do not use.
MaxRequestValue101Internal only; do not use.
NewGlobal102Internal only; do not use.
NewResGlobal103Internal only; do not use.
InactiveProject1000Internal only; do not use.
InactiveOffset1000Internal only; do not use.
InactiveTemplate1001Internal only; do not use.
InactiveGlobal1002Internal only; do not use.

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