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EnterpriseProjectTypeCreationInformation class

Nadin Merali|Last Updated: 5/6/2017

Contains the properties that can be set when creating a EnterpriseProjectType.



class EnterpriseProjectTypeCreationInformation 



REST Interface



POST Example (not all fields may be required)

body = {
    'parameters': {


✓ - Read Support       ✓ʷ - Write Support


Description✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷStringGets or sets the description for an EPT.
Id✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷGuidGets or sets the GUID for an EPT.
ImageUrl✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷStringGets or sets the URL of an image that is associated with an EPT.
IsDefault✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷBooleanGets or sets whether an EPT is the type that all new projects should use by default.
IsManaged✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷBooleanGets or sets whether a project that an EPT creates is fully managed by Project Server, or is a SharePoint tasks list.
Name✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷStringGets or sets the name of an EPT.
Order✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷIntegerGets or sets a value that indicates whether the user wants the enterprise project type to appear at the end of the list of EPTs, or whether the user wants to control where it is placed in the list.
ProjectDetailPages✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷCollection(ProjectDetailPageCreationInformation)Gets or sets the project detail page that is used as the first page in the workflow for an enterprise project type.
ProjectPlanTemplateId✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷGuidGets or sets the GUID of the project plan template that was created with an EPT.
WorkflowAssociationId✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷGuidGets or sets the GUID of the workflow that is associated with an EPT.
WorkflowAssociationName✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷStringGets or sets the name of the workflow that is associated with an EPT.
WorkspaceTemplateName✓ʷ✓ʷ✓ʷStringGets or sets the name of the project site template that is associated with an EPT.

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