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Last Updated: 10/20/2017

The OneNote service root URL uses the following format for all calls to the OneNote API.{version}/{location}/notes/

The version segment in the URL represents the version of the OneNote API that you want to use.

  • Use v1.0 for stable production code.
  • Use beta to try out a feature that's in development. Features and functionality in beta may change, so you shouldn't use it in your production code.

The location segment in the URL represents the location of the notebooks that you want to access.

Notebooks on OneDrive for Business
Use me for OneNote content that’s owned by the current user.

Use users/{id} for OneNote content that the specified user (in the URL) has shared with the current user. Use the Azure AD Graph API to get user IDs.

SharePoint site notebooks
Team sites and other SharePoint sites can contain OneNote notebooks in their document libraries.

Use myOrganization/siteCollections/{id}/sites/{id} for OneNote content on a site in the tenant that the current user is signed in to. Only the current tenant is supported, accessed by using the myOrganization keyword. Learn how to get site IDs.

Office 365 group notebooks
Office 365 groups are part of the Office 365 connected experience. Group members can share notebooks, files, and email.

Use myOrganization/groups/{id} for OneNote content in the specified group that the current user is a member of. Office 365 groups (which return the unified groupType) are the only supported type of group. Use the Azure AD Graph API to get group IDs.

Use the FromUrl method to get the site collection and site IDs
You can use the FromUrl method to get the site collection and site IDs for a specified absolute site URL. You should make this call only when needed, and then store the values for future use.

The format of the site URL depends on your configuration, for example or

Example request:

Authorization: Bearer {token}
Accept: application/json

Example response:


Requirements for using FromUrl and working with SharePoint site notebooks:

  • You can only create OneNote notebooks, section groups, sections, and pages on sites that have a default document library. (Some site templates don't create a default document library.) However, GET requests return OneNote content from all document libraries on the site.
  • The OneNote service root URL is immutable, meaning that you can't use a SharePoint REST API site path and then tack the notes endpoint onto it.
  • The user on whose behalf you're calling must be a member of the site.
  • FromUrl works only with sites that have been indexed. It may take several hours to index a new site.
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