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Open XML Developer Workshop

This training provides 11 interactive modules and 3 additional videos that cover:

  • Open XML file formats architecture
  • Practical details of the Open XML schemas
  • Working with the new .NET 3.0 packaging API
  • Creating rich data-driven Open XML documents programmatically
Video: Welcome to the Open XML Training

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By Technology

Open Packaging Conventions (OPC)

Understanding Open Packaging Conventions is key to working with Open XML. Open XML documents are really ZIP files that contain XML, binary, and other types of files inside them. You can take any Word 2007 file, Excel 2007 file, or PowerPoint file that is saved in the new document format, and append .ZIP as the file name extension and then use any of a variety of tools, including WinZip or Windows Explorer to look inside of them.

Word and Open XML

Generating Open XML word-processing documents is the most common use of Open XML.  Organizations find that using automatically generated word-processing documents to communicate enables richer communication and less work for users.  Generating rich documents where semantic data is separated from its representation enables us to build smarter documents.  Querying documents for specific kinds of content lets us mine our documents for information, and make more effective use of collective corporate knowledge.

Excel and Open XML

Generating Open XML spreadsheet documents enables us to write richer and more effective business intelligence applications.  The ability to query spreadsheets lets important data be reused across the organization, increasing the effectiveness of spreadsheet users.  Using the capabilities of Open XML with SharePoint Excel Services brings new ways to interact with and collaborate on important data.

PowerPoint and Open XML

Generating Open XML presentations enables the development of powerful applications that can revolutionize how sales and other customer-facing professionals work.  Presentations tailored to a specific sales situation can be generated in a fraction of the time, increasing value to your customers, increasing your revenue, and helping ensure that customer presentations adhere to high corporate standards.