MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 25 | December 12, 2018 
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Now available: Get the Visual Studio 2019 preview
Watch an overview of what’s new in Visual Studio 2019
Find out what’s new in C# 8.0
Announcing .NET Core 3 Preview 1
Generate pixel-perfect Angular code from Sketch designs 53% of devs now use database source control – join them
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Get started with Azure Kubernetes Service
Learn how to deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster, create an Azure Container Registry, deploy an ASP.NET Web API application, and expose that application on the internet via a Kubernetes Ingress and Azure DNS.

How to: Build web APIs
Watch a three-part series that delves into building ASP.NET Core web APIs. Learn about dependency injection, Entity Framework Core, integration testing, and best practices to remember before, during, and after completing your API project.
Rapid IoT development with Azure IoT Central
Discover how to use Azure IoT Central to create a custom IoT Central app that shows telemetry data, device location and settings, and key performance indicators.

Now available: Azure Machine Learning service
Build, train, and deploy machine learning models faster with Azure Machine Learning service. Try the Azure Machine Learning service to see how it provides automated machine learning and seamless deployment to the cloud.
Generate pixel-perfect Angular code from Sketch designs
Experience Indigo.Design: A unified platform for visual design, UX prototyping, code generation, and app development.
Why we need Q#
Learn about Q#, the new programming language geared for quantum computing. Find out why Microsoft decided to create this new language; explore requirements for the language, compiler, and runtime; and understand how Q# is important for quantum computing scenarios.

Gain insights from chatbot conversations
Learn about process mining and discover how to gain insights into conversational flows to identify areas where the bot can be improved to yield more productive and satisfying conversations.

Azure Functions: Updates for Python and JavaScript developers
Python support in Azure Functions is now available in public preview and the JavaScript Durable Functions extension to the Azure Functions runtime is ready for production workloads. Get details about new capabilities available for Azure Functions.

How to: Write tests for Azure Functions
Find out how to start testing your Azure Functions apps. Step through examples that use unit and integration testing, and explore some of the tools and frameworks that make testing easier.

Use Azure Containers to provide an on-demand R server
Take an in-depth look at the key steps in developing a simple ASP.NET Core web app that submits data to a logistic regression classifier implemented in R. See how Azure Containers, Docker, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Functions are combined to implement a real-world application.

53% of devs now use database source control – join them
Database source control is more important than ever. Reduce the risk of data loss at deployment: SQL Source Control links your database to any source control system.  Try it free.
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IoT in Action: New York 
January 14, 2019, New York, NY
Attend a one-day IoT in Action event in New York City to gain actionable insights, deepen partnerships, and unlock the transformative potential of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud solutions.
IoT in Action Virtual Bootcamp 
February 4‒5, 2019, online
Gain a better understanding of IoT – from device to cloud – and accelerate the development of IoT in your organization. Register for this online event to get training, watch demos, and participate in hands-on labs.
Announcing: Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019 
June 10‒11, 2019, Atlanta, GA
Register for the premier event for analysts, technical architects, and advanced users. Delve deeper into the tools you use every day, get a sneak peek at what’s next, connect with experts, and learn new skills.
Microsoft Ignite: The Tour 
Through May 22, 2018, worldwide
Attend a free technical training event for tech professionals in a city near you. Explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies, and put your skills to work in new areas, including IoT and machine learning. Find an event near you.
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