MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 18 | September 6, 2018 
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Beyond JavaScript: Get started with Blazor
How to: Watch our 7-part series on building and deploying Go apps to Azure
New tool: Turn whiteboard sketches into working code in seconds with Sketch2Code
How static application security testing (SAST) fits into a security strategy
Indigo.Design: UX and code gen coming together Easily diagnose problems in your code. Try Raygun
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Productivity improvements in the Visual Studio Editor
Edit multiple lines at once with multi-caret support, quickly jump to the last edited location, clean up C# code automatically, and easily duplicate lines with a streamlined copy capability. Learn about these and other recent Visual Studio Editor enhancements.

Managing event delivery with Azure Event Grid
Delve into Event Grid and learn how events are delivered. Explore options for retry policies, invalid events, and events that are not successfully delivered.
Video: Azure Machine Learning in simple terms
Watch an overview of Azure Machine Learning and get details about the services available for your AI projects. Explore the MMLSpark toolkit, Project Brainwave, Azure Machine Learning Workbench, Visual Studio Tools for AI, and Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Routing in Angular
Single-page frameworks like Angular require a mechanism to provide the kind of “scoping” or “segmenting” that page boundaries provide. Within Angular, this mechanism is called “routing.” Learn how it works.
Indigo.Design: UX and code gen coming together
Experience the only unified platform for designers and developers with Indigo.Design, and generate pixel-perfect Angular code from any Sketch designs.
Go dev: Build better cloud apps faster
Learn about new features that support Go on Azure, and watch a series of instructional videos to get started building Go apps.

4 trends driving artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry
From too much data to skyrocketing costs – the healthcare industry is turning to AI for many reasons. Innovative solutions can improve the experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. Learn about the factors driving AI in the healthcare industry.

Now available: Windows Community Toolkit v4.0
Windows Community Toolkit Version 4.0 is now available with new capabilities and improvements. Use the DataGrid control to present editable data. Easily work with web services, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Read the announcement to learn more.

Microsoft Azure for high-performance computing
Azure offers many features and services that enable AI and machine learning applications. Learn about some of the possibilities for implementing high-performance computing in the cloud with Azure.

Now generally available: Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid
Watch a demonstration and learn how this new capability can simplify your architecture, streamline management tasks, and help you uncover insights.

Announcing F# 4.5
Version 4.5 of F# boasts a variety of improvements, including Span support (aligned with the .NET Core 2.1 feature set), safety rules for byrefs, and a new keyword (match!). Read the announcement to learn about the new features and productivity enhancements.

Easily diagnose problems in your code. Try Raygun
With Raygun, you can detect, diagnose and destroy errors and performance issues that are affecting your users with greater speed and accuracy.
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.NET Conf 2018 – streaming live to a device near you 
September 12–14, 2018, online
The .NET Conf is a free, three-day virtual event for developers of all levels who work on a wide variety of platforms. Watch the keynote, get the latest scoop from the people who build .NET, and find out where .NET is headed in the future. Plus, find a  .NET Conf local event near you.
Introducing Azure Sphere 
September 12, 2018, online
In the first part of the IoT in Action Azure Sphere webinar series, you’ll learn about a new solution for creating secured, connected microcontroller unit devices. Get a firsthand look at how Azure Sphere was developed with the seven properties of highly secure devices.
Customer Experience Summit: Enrich customer engagement through digital transformation 
September 19, 2018, online
When it comes to user experience, today’s customers have high expectations. Register for this live online event to learn how you can create enhanced, personalized, seamless experiences using artificial intelligence and cognitive services.
Unboxing Azure Sphere: Building secure applications 
October 4, 2018, online
Register for the second part of the IoT in Action Azure Sphere webinar series to learn how to securely connect microcontroller unit-powered devices. Get step-by-step guidance through the unboxing, explore available support materials, and find out how you can get started with Azure Sphere.
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