MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 11 | May 30, 2018 
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Azure development: Watch highlights and top sessions from Build 2018
Get started with blockchain: Mark Russinovich provides an introduction
Efficiently debug with snapshots on exception events
Watch an overview of Microsoft’s IoT solutions, vision, and roadmap
Ignite UI for Angular 18.1 release is here Why miss out on version-controlling your database?
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Download Azure code samples to jumpstart your cloud development projects
This curated set of C# code sample apps will get you started with serverless functions, scalable databases, artificial intelligence, and more. Use your existing C# and .NET skills to begin developing for the cloud.

Introducing the Microsoft Edge DevTools Protocol and what it means for developers
The Windows 10 April 2018 Update introduced the Microsoft Edge DevTools Protocol, a set of REST and JSON-RPC/WebSocket APIs that enable new possibilities for debugging web content and apps in Microsoft Edge. Here's a deeper look at the new approach.
How to: Build apps and smart contracts with Azure Blockchain Workbench
See how you can create an application that uses a blockchain to improve accountability in multi-party processes. This demo shows how to build a smart contract and bring it into Azure Blockchain Workbench, how IoT devices can send data to your apps, and how you can query individualized events in the blockchain.

Improve how you develop, test, and deploy by using DevOps and Visual Studio Team Services
Check out this roundup of sessions presented by the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) team at Build 2018 and delve into fundamental DevOps practices with VSTS. Watch demos and learn about containers in Azure, Git patterns, migrating code to the cloud, and more.
Ignite UI for Angular 18.1 release is here
Featuring the fastest Angular data grid and chart, Ignite UI for Angular offers 50+ UI components to build fast, high-performing apps for any industry.
Use the Edge WebView with your .NET Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation apps
Windows 10 is bringing the latest Microsoft Edge rendering engine to .NET Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps. Get details on the benefits for developers and find out how you can preview this new capability in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Now generally available: Build powerful add-ins with Excel JavaScript API 1.7
Excel JavaScript API 1.7 offers more than 400 new APIs for creating more powerful add-ins. The update includes APIs for charts, events, data validation, worksheets, ranges, document properties, named items, protection options, and styles. Get details and find out how you can start using the latest APIs.

Modernize your desktop applications with Windows 10 features
Find out how Windows, .NET, and Visual Studio help you easily update an existing application with modern features. Containerize your application for compatibility and installation isolation, use the app local .NET Core 3.0 runtime, and integrate Windows 10 UI features with just a few clicks in Visual Studio.

Find out what’s new with Azure IoT Edge
Azure IoT Edge is a cross-platform solution for deploying cloud services, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Functions, artificial intelligence, and device management features. Get an overview of what you can expect when Azure IoT Edge becomes generally available later this year.

Why miss out on version controlling your database?
It’s a lot easier than you think, because SQL Source Control plugs into SQL Server Management Studio and connects your database to the same version control tools you use for applications. So you can version control changes to schemas and static data alongside changes to your application, and see who made what changes, when, and why.  Find out how.
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OpenHack Machine Learning 
June 19–21, 2018 Los Angeles, CA
Attend this in-person event to sharpen your machine learning skills. Participate in three days of hands-on, challenge-based hacking and solve practical problems in the computer vision field.
Microsoft Cloud Workshops 
Through June 20, 2018, nationwide
Learn from experts as you delve deep into Azure and various cloud scenarios in these live, in-person workshops. Work with CosmosDB, get hands-on experience with Azure Databricks, build for a serverless architecture, and implement DevOps practices.
Windows Server Summit 
June 26, 2018
Find out what’s new in the application platform on Windows Server 2019 and get tips on how to modernize existing applications and build new ones using containers and micro-services.
Insider Dev Tour 
Through June 30, 2018, worldwide
Register for an in-person event to learn about the latest development tools and technologies. Build native Win32/XAML apps and progressive web apps, explore Windows 10 capabilities, learn how to add artificial intelligence to your projects, and find out how to augment your experiences with mixed reality.
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Extend your application with REST services 
Modernize your legacy WinForms apps and connect them to the cloud. Learn how to migrate an older app to Visual Studio 2017 and the latest version of .NET Framework and then use Azure services to make your app more secure, scalable, and portable.
Streamline development with continuous integration and continuous deployment 
Expand your DevOps skillset and implement continuous integration and continuous deployment using Visual Studio Team Services and Azure. This this self-paced course explains how to get pipelines ready, provision infrastructure, run tests, deploy an application, and work with telemetry.
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