MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 9 | May 2, 2018 
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Free eBook: The Azure Quick Start Guide for .NET Developers
Visual Studio roadmap: Find out what new features and updates are coming soon
Video: How and why you should containerize your .NET applications and move them to the cloud
Understanding .NET Standard: An overview of how, why, and when you should use .NET Standard
The Future of JavaScript: 2018 and Beyond (white paper) New white paper GDPR: 6 principles for SQL Server teams
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Get started with Azure for .NET developers
In this Channel 9 video, Azure MVP Barry Luijbregts chats with Scott Hanselman about how .NET developers can get started with Azure. Watch to learn about some of the fantastic tools available to help you get started.

A tour of the Microsoft AI and IoT Insider Labs
The IoT Show goes inside the AI and IoT Insider Labs on the Microsoft campus. Find out how these labs provide resources that can help you bring new products to market.
New: Get the Microsoft Edge DevTools Preview app
Preview the latest Microsoft Edge DevTools being developed. Available as a web app from the Microsoft Store, you can preview the new DevTools running alongside the current Microsoft Edge DevTools.

Closing the UWP-Win32 gaps
Microsoft wants to close the gap between Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and earlier app technologies. The goal is for UWP to be a compelling option for more app types. Support for true multi-instancing, console UWP apps, and broader file-system access are three steps in the right direction.
The Future of JavaScript: 2018 and Beyond (white paper)
What is the state of the JS ecosystem? This white paper offers our future-looking analysis and predictions about the latest in JavaScript.  Get it now.
Under the covers of ASP.NET Core SignalR
Dino Esposito explores the internal machinery of ASP.NET Core SignalR, including a look at SignalR’s messaging and transport protocols.

Supporting Jetty for Java in Visual Studio Code
Get details about the new Jetty extension for Visual Studio Code that makes it easy to run and deploy WAR packages (Web Application aRchive), operate your Jetty servers, and interact with your application from within the editor.

New Office add-in usage analytics reports
Get details about the enhanced Office add-in usage analytics report, now available via the Universal Store Dev. Center and the Seller Dashboard. The new report shows a daily breakdown of usage and retention with a variety of pivots, complimenting the acquisition data that is already available.

Building connected apps with UWP and Project Rome
Project Rome is an initiative to help drive user engagement across apps and devices. In the latest edition of MSDN Magazine, Tony Champion demonstrates how to take advantage of the capabilities of Project Rome while building a team messaging app.

New white paper GDPR: 6 principles for SQL Server teams
Learn 3 key practices to help SQL Server teams meet GDPR’s 6 principles: a data catalog, monitoring for breaches, and pseudonymizing test data.  Read now.
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Microsoft Build Live: RSVP to watch live keynotes online and access on-demand sessions 
May 7‒9, 2018, Seattle, WA
Microsoft Build Live is a free digital experience where you can learn about AI, machine learning, cloud computing, app development, and a host of other developer topics. Join your peers and hear directly from engineers building innovative products and the companies putting them to use.
OpenHack | San Francisco 
May 15‒17, 2018, San Francisco, CA
OpenHack is a three-day, challenge-based hacking event where developers team up with community peers to learn how to implement high scale data workloads in the cloud. Register to attend this upcoming event in San Francisco.
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Professional Certificate program: Introduction to Code Objects and Algorithms 
Learn how to write efficient code and create software programs and functions using object oriented programming in Java in this hands-on program from edX. This will get you started on your way toward the MTA certification associated with Introduction to Programming Using Java.
Introduction to Computer Science 
Start your career in computers with this professional certificate program, which explores the fundamental binary language of modern computers, the basics of analytic logic, and working with Python.
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
This free, self-paced course provides a high-level overview of artificial intelligence. Learn how machine learning provides the foundation for AI and find out how you can leverage cognitive services in your apps.
Essential Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence 
If you’re interested in studying machine learning and artificial intelligence, consider this free, self-paced course from edX to learn the essential mathematical foundations necessary for machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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