MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 6 | March 21, 2018 
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Free e-book: Azure Serverless Computing Cookbook provides step-by-step recipes for building apps
An overview of Windows Machine Learning and how to get started with pre-trained models
How to: An in-depth look at validating data in Angular
Free training: An intro to building cloud-based applications with Azure App Service
Sponsors: Infragistics, and VSLive! Austin
Experience top-performing UI controls for WinForms apps Code like it’s 2018 at Visual Studio Live! Austin
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New templates to create huddle solutions in Microsoft Teams and Office 365
These new templates show how you can create a lean huddle solution by combining Microsoft Teams, Planner, Microsoft Graph, and SharePoint. The solution enables huddles for lean process improvement ? a common scenario in healthcare and manufacturing environments.

Build Spring Boot 2.0 apps with Azure Starters and new Visual Studio Code extensions
The Azure Spring Boot Starters have been updated to support Spring Boot 2.0. Meanwhile, new Java and Spring extensions for Visual Studio Code can help you build production-ready apps and easily deploy them to the cloud.
New Video: 5 Things about Visual Studio Code
Learn 5 things about Visual Studio Code in just 5 minutes. Find out why Microsoft created a new, free code editor. Learn about the power of extensions in Visual Studio Code. Discover how Visual Studio Code can simplify building for Azure. And more.

Arithmetic overflow checks in C++ Core Check
The C++ Code Analysis toolset has seen improvements with every major compiler update in Visual Studio 2017. Version 15.6 ( now in preview ) includes a set of arithmetic overflow checks. The Visual C++ Team Blog details these checks and explains why you will want to enable them in your code.
Experience top-performing UI controls for WinForms apps
Get 100+ fully featured UI controls with Infragistics for WinForms, including high-performing data grids, charts, and data-rich dashboards.
Preview: Microsoft Graph Java SDK
Check out the preview of the new Java SDK for Microsoft Graph. See how Java developers can use the SDK to integrate with data and relationships exposed through the Microsoft Graph API in both client- and server-side applications.

New video series: The Open Source Show
Watch the first episode of The Open Source Show to learn about setting up data ingestion, stream processing, sentiment analysis, and more.

How to: Secure sensitive business information with Azure Key Vault
MSDN Magazine explores a business scenario that requires issuing, tracking, and managing insurance policies for vehicles and how you can use Azure Key Vault to achieve these goals securely.

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension Feb 2018 update
The February 2018 update to the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension provides several bug fixes and adds colorization for inactive code regions, making it easier to read your C and C++ code.

MSDN Magazine: Enterprise data integration patterns with Azure Service Bus
Stefano Tempesta introduces the four most common design patterns for integrating data across various networks, applications, and repositories. He also describes their application in the context of the Azure Service Bus.

Explore deep learning toolkits with Jupyter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook provides an interactive “scratch pad” for data science, allowing you to share code, insights, and documentation. Learn how to work with multiple Jupyter Notebooks for popular machine learning libraries like Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit CNTK and TensorFlow ? without installing software.

Code like it’s 2018 at Visual Studio Live! Austin
Join us April 30–May 4 @ #VSLive25 Austin for practical, unbiased .NET training and networking. Register thru 3/28 for best savings. More info here.
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Azure Developer Tour
April 3–12, 2018, U.S. and Canada
Register for a free, one-day training event designed by developers for developers. Cloud developer experts will present live coding demos, covering the latest in compute, serverless, storage, big data, AI, machine learning, and more. Find a free event in a city near you and learn how to build great cloud apps.
Microsoft Build: Register now
May 7‒9, 2018, Seattle, WA
Microsoft Build is just a few months away. Attend the event where developers and industry leaders come together and learn more about the technologies that are shaping the future. Delve into cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and more while meeting industry peers.
Microsoft Tech Summit: Build your cloud skills with the latest in Azure and Microsoft 365
Through April 25, 2018, worldwide
Register today for Microsoft Tech Summit, a free event for developers and IT pros. Attend an event in a city near you to learn about the latest trends, tools, and product roadmaps, and meet with the experts who build and run Microsoft’s cloud services.
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Mastering Microsoft Cognitive Services, Part 10: Project Wollongong
Scott Peterson shows you how to use artificial intelligence to score the “attractiveness” of a location based on the number of available amenities, such as restaurants, hospitals, or parks. Learn how to put Wollongong to work in your apps and integrate it with Bing Maps to provide a great user experience.
C# fundamentals for absolute beginners
Get started learning C# in this free, on-demand course. You’ll learn the fundamentals of C# and how to apply these skills to developing your own applications. Explore useful tools, see how to write code, use debugging features, learn about customizations, and more.
Installing, configuring, and managing Microsoft SQL Server on Linux
Learn how SQL Server is going beyond the relational database, expanding the number of platforms it runs on, the types of data it supports, and the languages you can use it with. Take this course to learn about installation and backup, performance tuning, DevOps practices, containerization, and more.
Configuration management for containerized delivery
Are you interested in a consistent way of bringing software to production? This course shows you how to create, deploy, and configure your containerized applications on Microsoft Azure using Azure Container Service (ACS) and Azure Service Fabric (ASF).
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