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Volume 21, Number 16 | August 9, 2017 
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Free Angular training: Everything you need to know about the popular JavaScript framework
How to: Configure your Universal Windows Apps to start at log-in
Visual Studio 2017: Get a free plugin that provides a proper terminal
Demo: See how you can build apps faster with Azure Serverless
Sponsors: Syncfusion, and Alachisoft
Only Syncfusion offers unlimited licensing Replacing AppFabric? Get a better .NET cache
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Introduction to ReactJS
Enroll in this self-paced course to learn about this straightforward framework that has become popular with front-end developers. You’ll cover the basics of JSX syntax, learn about model UI components, find out how to manage the state of React Components, and much more in this practical course from edX.

Microservices and Docker containers: Architecture, patterns, and development guidance
The Microservices architecture is emerging as an important approach for distributed applications. In a microservice-based architecture, the application is built on services that can be developed, tested, deployed, and versioned independently. The .NET Blog is running a series of posts to explore this in detail.
CodePush joins Visual Studio Mobile Center
About two years ago, a group of developers at Microsoft crafted a service for distributing Apache Cordova, React Native, and Windows Mobile updates to applications in the wild. This service, called CodePush, recently became part of Visual Studio Mobile Center. Learn more about CodePush.

Learn parallel programming in R with “foreach” exercises
The foreach packageprovides a simple looping construct for R. It’s essentially a function-based version of a “for” loop. But what makes foreach useful is how it lets you run iterations in parallel. Check out this blog post and the exercises to learn more.
Only Syncfusion offers unlimited licensing
Does your company have a revenue of less than US$100 million a year? If so, you can license your entire organization for US$3,995 per year. No per-user charges, no per-developer charges, and no per-server charges. The license includes 800+ controls for web, desktop, and Xamarin, as well as the Syncfusion Data Platform–Dashboard, Big Data, and more.
C++ unit testing updates: Announcing Boost.Test Adapter and improved Google Test support
Back in May, the C++ team announced the Test Adapter for Google Test (a Visual Studio extension that lets you run and manage Google Test-based unit tests). Read about the most recent updates.

How Xamarin.Forms customization took an FAA drone app higher
Xamarin.Forms is the Federal Aviation Administration’s first choice to build an iOS and Android app for drone flyers. The critical map portion of the project depends on platform-specific development using the broad range of customization options in Xamarin.Forms.

Deep neural network I/O using C#
Many of the recent advances in machine learning, such as using data to make predictions, have relied on deep neural networks (DNNs). James McCaffrey introduces you to DNNs and explains how they work.

Azure IoT Hub: Electric Imp and Particle integration
Electric Imp and Particle both offer device connectivity platforms for seamlessly, securely, and reliably connecting “things” to the Internet. And both now offer a seamless integration with Azure IoT Hub, offering a wide range of capabilities.

Creating extensions for multiple Visual Studio versions
Each new version of Visual Studio produces challenges for developers creating extensions for the IDE. Learn how to create a single Visual Studio package that can work on every version of Visual Studio from 2012 to 2017, by following best practices.

Git internals: Architecture and index files
In the latest issue of MSDN Magazine, Jonathan Waldman continues his in-depth look at Git internals, providing an exploration of the Git “three-tree” architecture and the importance of its index file.

People API available in Microsoft Graph v1.0
Some important updates are coming to the People API over the next couple of weeks. The updates described in this post are breaking changes. If you are using the People API in your app, you will need to update it to accommodate these changes. Read this for more details.

Replacing AppFabric? Get a better .NET cache
Free white paper: Three ways to replace AppFabric with NCache, including a quick bug-free process. NCache on-prem, cloud, open source, and full support. Learn more.
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Xamarin University: Desktop developer’s guide to mobile with Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin
August 29, 2017, 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time
Join the webinar and discover how to apply your desktop .NET skills, tools, and code to native Android, iOS, and Universal Windows App development. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and get the tips you need to start delivering powerful user experiences across platforms.
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