MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 23, Number 14 | July 10, 2019 
Top News Worldwide
A look at Microsoft’s plans for .NET 5
Check out the best new features in Xamarin.Forms 4.0
Tutorial: Get started writing Java with Visual Studio Code
Save the date: Free online .NET Conf event, September 23–25, 2019
Flexera InstallShield | Get your free trial Communications, security, messaging, and file transfer
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Download the new Windows Terminal Preview
The new Windows Terminal is a fast and powerful tool for users of command-line applications and shells, such as Command Prompt and PowerShell. The early preview is now available on Microsoft Store.

An intro to ASP.NET Core gRPC Services
Used to connect clients and remote services, gRPC is a remote procedure call framework that uses a binary protocol over HTTP/2. Learn about the Visual Studio 2019 project template and how to use gRPC with ASP.NET Core and .NET Core 3.0.
Demo: Azure IoT Edge Tools in Visual Studio 2019
See how Azure IoT Edge Tools makes it easier to code, build, deploy, and debug your IoT Edge solutions in Visual Studio 2019.

How to: Restrict site access with AI-driven authorization policies in ASP.NET Core
Explore a biometric security system, and see how it collects facial information from cameras registered as IoT devices and uses machine learning to thwart unauthorized intrusions.
Flexera InstallShield | Get your free trial
Get the gold standard for building Windows software installations that’s used by nearly every major software company in the world. 25 years and counting.
Deploy your web app in Windows containers on Azure App Service
Windows container support is available in preview on Azure App Service. See how it can help you solve problems, such as dependency on APIs that are currently blocked by the Azure App Service sandbox.

AzureR is now available: Create, manage, and monitor Azure services with R
AzureR is a family of packages that provides tools to manage Azure resources from the open source R language. Find out how AzureR offers a more efficient and more secure way to access the Azure services relevant to R users.

Xamarin: Migrate your macOS apps to 64-bit before the Apple transition
Apple will soon complete its transition to 64-bit only by removing 32-bit support from macOS. Any existing Xamarin.Mac applications that target 32-bit must be migrated to 64-bit to continue working. Here’s what you need to know.

Plan your R strategy on the Azure AI Platform
Check out the first in a new series of blog posts exploring options for your R strategy. Find out how R and Python complement each other, and learn how Azure Machine Learning Service can strengthen your approach.

Communications, security, messaging, and file transfer
Easily extend .NET applications with networking, messaging, file transfer, email, message queuing, IoT, Bluetooth, and so much more. Any protocol, any platform, any IDE. The most trusted name in connectivity – backed by more than 20 years.
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Microsoft Ignite 2019 
November 4–8, 2019, Orlando, FL
Register for this live event to learn the latest in software development, security, architecture, and IT. Explore hands-on experiences to innovate your development, cloud, and security strategies.
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