MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 23, Number 3 | February 6, 2019 
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Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2 is now available
Find out what’s new in Visual Studio 2019 Preview
C# 8.0: Learn about new features in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2
How to: Minimize complexity in multithreaded C# code
In-depth developer training in Las Vegas The State of Database DevOps, live with Donovan Brown
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Updates to CMake support in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2
Learn about the latest improvements to CMake support available in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2.

Learn about C++ in-editor code analysis in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2
Discover how the latest C++ enhancements integrate code analysis directly into the editor and improve upon some previously experimental features.
Debug .NET apps with Time Travel Debugging
This hands-on demo will show you how to use Time Travel Debugging, a handy approach that can help you diagnose hard-to-find bugs.

Top 5 features for open source in Azure Pipelines
Explore five features in Azure Pipelines that will help you maintain an open-source project.
In-depth developer training in Las Vegas
Sharpen your skills in Visual Studio, ASP.NET, .NET Core, JavaScript, Xamarin, and more with up to 6 days of practical developer training.  Learn more.
Now available: Enhanced Jira Server integration for Microsoft Teams
Learn about new DevOps capabilities when integrating Jira Server with Microsoft Teams and find out how you can get started.

How to: Bring Azure Machine Learning to Azure IoT Edge
Step through a project to learn how to train an image classification model and deploy your machine learning models to edge devices using Azure IoT Edge.

Explore the multi-model capability of Azure Cosmos DB
MSDN Magazine delves into the Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB to help you understand its multi-model capability.

Quantum programming: A Q# wish list for the new year
Learn about Q#, Microsoft’s quantum programming language, explore some of the ways to get started with this language, and find out what Microsoft wants to achieve with Q# in the future.

Build your first app with Visual Studio for Mac
Watch a video that demonstrates how to create an ASP.NET Core web application using Visual Studio for Mac.

Create a neural network from scratch with Python
This article steps you through building a neural network from scratch and explores the power of neural networks, which play an important role in today's artificial intelligence solutions.

Announcing: Project Rome SDK for Android and iOS version 1.0
Get started with Microsoft’s Project Rome, which enables seamless cross-device and cross-platform experiences. Access the documentation, SDKs, samples, and other resources to learn more.

The State of Database DevOps, live with Donovan Brown
On 21 February, join Donovan Brown, Principal DevOps Manager at Microsoft, as he explores the key findings of the 2019 State of Database DevOps Report.
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Cloud Immersion Experience: Kubernetes in Action on Azure 

February 7, 2019, Reston, VA
February 7, 2019, San Francisco, CA
February 12, 2019, Burlington, MA
February 12, 2019, Chicago, IL
February 12, 2019, Irving, TX
February 12, 2019, Sunnyvale, CA
  February 13, 2019, Denver, CO
February 13, 2019, Malvern, PA
February 15, 2019, Bellevue, WA
February 15, 2019, Edina, MN
February 15, 2019, Houston, TX
February 15, 2019, New York, NY

Learn the best practices of Kubernetes on Azure that you can apply to your environment today, and understand how other Azure services can work with Kubernetes to help you build and ship more quickly.


Cloud Immersion Experience: Azure Cosmos DB Hands-on Workshop 

February 20, 2019, Alpharetta, GA
February 20, 2019, Detroit, MI
February 21, 2019, San Francisco, CA
February 25, 2019, Malvern, PA
February 26, 2019, Burlington, MA
  February 26, 2019, Edina, MN
February 26, 2019, Irving, TX
February 26, 2019, Sunnyvale, CA
February 27, 2019, Denver, CO
February 27, 2019, New York, NY

Learn how applications implemented on popular no-SQL platforms like Mongo DB and Casandra can be easily moved to Azure Cosmos DB, with few to no changes. This session will also highlight functionality such as support for Azure Table and Apache Tinkerpop’s graph traversal language Gremlin.

Microsoft Ignite: The Tour 
Through May 22, 2019, worldwide
Attend a free technical training event for tech professionals in a city near you. Explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies, and put your skills to work in new areas, including IoT and machine learning. Find an event near you.
Microsoft Build 2019 
May 6–8, 2019, Seattle, WA
Join us in Seattle for Microsoft’s premier event for developers. Come and experience the latest developer tools and technologies. Imagine new ways to create software by getting industry insights into the future of software development. Connect with your community to understand new development trends and innovative ways to code. Registration goes live on February 27th!
Microsoft Business Applications Summit 
June 10‒11, 2019, Atlanta, GA
Register for this event for analysts, technical architects, and advanced users. Delve deeper into the tools you use every day, get a sneak peek at what’s next, connect with experts, and learn new skills.
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