MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 19 | September 20, 2018 
Top News Worldwide
Introducing Azure DevOps: Watch demos and learn about new services for planning and building software
Visual Studio: Stop storing sensitive data and user secrets in your code
Breakpoint FAQ: Learn advanced techniques for pausing your code in Visual Studio
How to: Bring C# code into the web browser and access data without a plug-in
Telerik DevCraft – the ultimate modern UI toolkit 53% of devs now use database source control – join them
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Visual Studio Code: Learn about the latest updates
The August 2018 release of Visual Studio Code includes significant updates. Learn about UI enhancements, support for platform-specific key bindings, JSON conditional evaluation keywords, and other highlights.

Get started with Azure DevOps
Get everything you need to build software from start to finish. Learn how Azure DevOps helps you plan your projects, manage and deploy code, and track development activities. Watch this short video to get started.
Push notifications made easy with App Center
Easily integrate push notifications into Xamarin applications with App Center. Watch a demo that shows how to create a new application, integrate the App Center SDK, and get push notifications in minutes.

Productivity and platform improvements for Xamarin
Explore what’s new for mobile app developers working with C# and Xamarin in Visual Studio 2017. Read about the latest productivity enhancements and updates to iOS and Android platform support.
Telerik DevCraft – the ultimate modern UI toolkit
The ultimate .NET and JavaScript toolset that enables you to build modern, high-performant web, mobile, desktop apps, and chatbots. Try it today.
Architect blockchain applications as microservices
Learn about the similarities between microservices and blockchain smart contracts. Then delve into design principles and code samples for building blockchain applications using a microservice architecture style.

Announcing: GitHub pull requests in Visual Studio Code
Collaborate, review, and validate pull requests directly from within Visual Studio Code. Learn about GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio, now available in public preview.

Azure.Source: Find out what’s new in Azure
Keep current on what’s happening in Azure each week with Azure.Source. Get the latest news, learn about new features that are in preview, and find out what updates are now generally available.

Get to know Azure Boards
Manage your software development projects using the flexible Azure Boards platform. Get an overview of its features, including native support for Scrum and Kanban, customizable dashboards, and integrated reporting.

C++: Understand how, when, and why to use std::optional
Learn about new “vocabulary types” added to the standard library for Microsoft Visual C++ 2017. Read the first article in a new series that examines these vocabulary types and provides guidelines for their use.

53% of devs now use database source control – join them
Database source control is more important than ever. Reduce the risk of data loss at deployment: SQL Source Control links your database to any source control system. Try it free.
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Microsoft Ignite livestream 
September 24–28, 2018, online
Explore the latest in cloud technology, collaboration tools, and development at this year’s Ignite event – now with even more content for developers. Register now to watch keynotes and sessions live and on demand.
Azure + AI Conference 
December 3‒6, 2018, Las Vegas, NV
Cloud services and artificial intelligence have converged to create new possibilities. Attend the Azure + AI Conference to hear from industry leaders, including Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, and James McCaffrey, as they explore the future of AI and cloud technologies.
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