MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 3 | February 7, 2018 
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MSDN Magazine: How C# 8.0 will improve Nullable Reference Types
New: Hot code replacement for Java comes to Visual Studio Code
Microsoft Teams: Powerful new features and new Teams App Studio for building your own apps
Learn DevOps in an hour: Watch and get hands-on practice provisioning dev and test environments
Sponsors: DevExpress, and Infragistics
Introducing DevExpress Universal v17.2 Try grids and charts built for the most data-intense apps
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Event-driven architecture in the cloud with Azure Event Grid
Event Grid is a new, fully-managed service in Azure that unlocks unique and new messaging patterns in the cloud and beyond. MSDN Magazine explains the fundamentals of Azure Event Grid, how it fits into the serverless landscape, and how it unleashes a new set of possibilities for applications and services.

How to: Create Azure Functions that can read from Cosmos DB with almost no code
Julie Lerman continues her look at Azure Functions, detailing how to create a function that will respond to a request to retrieve two sets of score data from users playing the CookieBinge game locally and around the world
How to: Image recognition with Cognitive Services and ASP.NET
With just a bit of code, your ASP.NET app can detect faces, gender, ages, and hair color in photos. This detailed walkthrough explains how, while teaching you about artificial intelligence as you work through a practical application of machine learning.

Free training: Getting started with Cortana skills
Take an in-depth look at the Cortana Skills Kit and learn how to build, deploy, and share new Cortana skills. Find out how you can develop interesting conversational experiences on top of Cortana’s existing knowledge and explore some of the interesting skills being developed by other developers.
Introducing DevExpress Universal v17.2
DevExpress Universal v17.2 ships with everything you’ll need to build your best, without limits or compromise. Download your free 30-day trial today.
Cognitive Services: SDKs for the latest Bing Search APIs
SDKs for the Cognitive Services-Bing Search APIs are now available in preview. Currently available as REST APIs, the Bing APIs v7 now have SDKs in four languages: C#, Java, Node.js, and Python. These SDKs include offerings such as Bing Web Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Custom Search, and more.

5 things: RxJS with Angular
Watch this 5-minute video to learn 5 things about RxJS with Angular. John Papa and Ward Bell discuss reactive forms, serverless apps, and where you can find more detailed documentation to get started.

CustomVision.AI: Code-free automated machine learning for image classification
Custom Vision Service is a cloud-based tool that lets you easily train a custom image classifier with your own data, export the models, and embed these custom classifiers directly in your applications. Check out this Microsoft Artificial Intelligence blog post for a closer look.

Data science: Using Jupyter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook is a web application that provides an interactive scratch pad for developers and data scientists. In the latest issue of MSDN Magazine, Frank La Vigne explores this tool and demonstrates how it can be used to create and share documents that contain live code, visualizations, and text.

Deploying a Linux Python web application to Service Fabric via Docker Compose
Get an in-depth look at how to take a standard Python web service (consisting of an application tier, a WSGI server, and a Nginx reverse proxy) and deploy it via Linux containers to a Linux cluster managed by Azure Service Fabric using simple tooling, such as Docker Compose.

Try grids and charts built for the most data-intense apps
Infragistics Ultimate UI 17.2 has grids and charts for WPF, Windows Forms, Angular, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and more.
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Webinar: Build your first intelligent app with Visual Studio, Xamarin, and Microsoft Cognitive Services
February 22, 2018
Register now to find out how you can use your existing .NET skills to create native Android, iOS, and UWP apps that tap into the intelligent APIs of Microsoft Cognitive Services. Learn how to integrate computer vision, sentiment analysis, and Bing Search into your apps.
OpenHack: Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams, and Azure Serverless
March 6‒8, 2018, London, England
OpenHack is a fun, challenge-based coding event focused on developing next-generation business applications with Office 365 and Azure. Register now to delve into building key scenarios using Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Teams, and Azure serverless technologies.
DevIntersection: Explore ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Azure, and AI
March 25‒28, 2018, Lake Buena Vista, FL
New features for Visual Studio and .NET Core are being released every few weeks. Looking for a way to keep up? Register for DevIntersection to learn from industry leaders.
Microsoft Tech Summit: Build your cloud skills with the latest in Azure and Microsoft 365
Through April 25, 2018, worldwide
Register today for Microsoft Tech Summit, a free event for developers and IT pros. Attend an event in a city near you to learn about the latest trends, tools, and product roadmaps, and meet with the experts who build and run Microsoft’s cloud services.
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edX: Continuous integration and continuous deployment
Find out how Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Microsoft Azure can help you implement continuous integration and continuous deployment. Learn how to integrate VSTS with third-party tools, get pipelines ready, provision infrastructure, run tests, deploy applications, and work with telemetry.
Born to Learn: All about NoSQL
Check out this practical training to learn all about NoSQL. Start with a look at the basics, check out a deep dive into Azure Cosmos DB, learn how to develop planet-scale applications, and learn about developing NoSQL applications in SQL Server to keep everything on-premises.
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