MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 2 | January 24, 2018 
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Free eBook – The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Society
Intro to Visual Studio App Center: Build, deploy, and monitor Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS apps
Big data: 28 tools and services to help you build intelligent R applications in the cloud
Free training from MVA: Application monitoring and feedback loops
Sponsors: DevExpress, and Infragistics
Introducing DevExpress Universal v17.2 Try grids and charts built for the most data-intense apps
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DevTools Console: Overview of improvements in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes significant improvements to the Microsoft Edge DevTools in EdgeHTML 16. This post covers these changes, including enhancements to information output, improved IntelliSense, and new Console APIs.

Game dev: Visual Studio for Mac is now the default editor for Unity
Visual Studio is the default experience in the latest releases of Unity on Windows. And now Unity will include Visual Studio for Mac as the default for macOS developers starting with version 2018.1.
New Visual Studio Code extensions for Java developers
Microsoft has introduced some new Visual Studio Code extensions designed for Java developers. Read more about these extensions and find out how they make it easier to work with Maven, Tomcat, and Checkstyle.

Artificially Intelligent: Creating models in Azure ML Workbench
In the latest edition of MSDN Magazine, Frank La Vigne continues his exploration of the new features in Azure Machine Learning Workbench. In this month’s article, he delves into the handling of models.
Introducing DevExpress Universal v17.2
DevExpress Universal v17.2 ships with everything you’ll need to build your best, without limits or compromise. Download your free 30-day trial today.
What’s new for .NET UWP development?
A lot has changed around .NET Windows platform development over the past few years. Learn how technologies like the Windows Application Packaging Project, .NET Standard 2.0, and the Windows 10 Fall Creators update have advanced Windows development.

Data Points: Creating Azure Functions to interact with Cosmos DB
Julie Lerman continues her series on working with local and cloud data storage for your apps. In this installment, she updates her Cookie Binge app, demonstrating how you can use Azure Functions to hook up your app with Azure Cosmos DB.

C++: IntelliSense enhancements for C++ Open Folder and CMake
Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6 Preview 2 includes two IntelliSense improvements to streamline code editing for C++ Open Folder and CMake. Learn about the purple IntelliSense squiggle and the new wildcard syntax added to the default include path.

How to: Debugging an embedded ARM device in Visual Studio
The 15.5 release of Visual Studio 2017 introduced support for ARM GCC cross compilation. The 15.6 Preview 2 release adds support for debugging. The Visual C++ team blog provides an overview of these new debugging capabilities to help you get started.

Serverless in supply chain: API Management
Hariharan Sundaram (Senior Software Engineer in the Microsoft Devices Supply Chain Engineering organization) explains how the Supply Chain engineering teams use Azure API Management for B2B integration. See how they use the API Management portal and how partners use the Developer Portal.

Try grids and charts built for the most data-intense apps
Infragistics Ultimate UI 17.2 has grids and charts for WPF, Windows Forms, Angular, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and more.
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Ask Microsoft Anything: Microsoft Edge
January 30, 2018, 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time
Don’t miss this chance to get answers to your questions about Microsoft Edge. Members of the engineering and product teams will be on hand to answer your technical questions and listen to your feedback about how Microsoft Edge can be improved to make it work better for your organization.
DevIntersection: Explore ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Azure, and AI
March 25‒28, 2018, Lake Buena Vista, FL
New features for Visual Studio and .NET Core are being released every few weeks. Looking for a way to keep up? Register for DevIntersection to learn from industry leaders.
Microsoft Tech Summit: Build your cloud skills with the latest in Azure and Microsoft 365
Through April 25, 2018, worldwide
Register today for Microsoft Tech Summit, a free event for developers and IT pros. Attend an event in a city near you to learn about the latest trends, tools, and product roadmaps, and meet with the experts who build and run Microsoft’s cloud services.
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Free training: Getting started with ASP.NET Core for beginners
Take this course to explore ASP.NET Core and get started with this framework for building modern cloud-based web apps. Learn about the ASP.NET Core SDK and tooling, look at .NET Core CLI, learn how to build an ASP.NET Core app with Razor Pages MVC, and get details on logging and diagnostics.
Go serverless with Azure Functions and C#
Find out how Azure Functions can help you build .NET applications faster while lowering costs. See how easy it is to author C# Azure Functions with Visual Studio. Learn how to run, debug, and trigger on events in Azure from Visual Studio.
Mastering Microsoft Cognitive Services: Custom Vision Service
Learn how to use the Custom Vision Service to build sophisticated image-classification models that recognize objects in photos, identify defective parts on an assembly line, and more. And see how you can use the API to create apps that use the models you build and to train models programmatically.
New from MVA: Continuous integration and continuous deployment
If you are exploring the DevOps practices of continuous integration and continuous deployment with Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Azure, don’t miss this course for a quick overview of continuous integration builds, automated testing, and continuous delivery and deployment.
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