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Volume 21, Number 14 | July 12, 2017 
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Free training: Get started with Python
Visual C++: An overview of built-in features that help you write secure code
Machine learning: Data science and artificial intelligence with Python, R, and SQL Server
Using the Secure DevOps Kit for Azure to build more secure cloud apps
Sponsors: JetBrains, and Syncfusion
JetBrains Rider: new cross-platform .NET IDE Xamarin + Syncfusion are changing mobile development
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7 reasons to move your C++ code to Visual Studio 2017
If you are using an older version of Visual Studio or are considering Visual Studio for the first time, there are reasons why you should consider moving your C++ code to Visual Studio 2017. Here are seven reasons why Visual Studio 2017 should be your first choice of IDE for C++ development.

Introduction to the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) v2.0 Library
Learn how to use the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit – a powerful, open source library that lets you create machine learning prediction models. Learn about this library, which enables deep neural networks that are at the forefront of today’s artificial intelligence efforts, such as Cortana and self-driving automobiles.
Cognition at scale with U-SQL on Azure Data Lake Analytics
Companies providing cloud-scale services have an ever-growing need to store and analyze massive data sets. U-SQL provides the expressibility necessary for advanced analytics such as machine learning and operating seamlessly on cloud-scale data.

Scale applications with Microsoft Azure Redis and machine learning
MSDN Magazine provides design best practices and code samples for implementing the Azure Redis Cache and tuning the performance of ASP.NET MVC applications. Learn to optimize cache hit ratios and reduce miss rates with smart algorithms processed by machine learning.
JetBrains Rider: New cross-platform .NET IDE
JetBrains Rider: A new .NET IDE for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Edit, refactor, test, run, debug .NET, ASP.NET, .NET Core, or Unity. Get an early build.
Microsoft Professional Program for front-end web development
Gain the skills you need to be a successful front-end web developer. This program focuses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Learn, practice, and prove your skills in this series of online courses that feature hands-on labs and expert instructors.

Streamlining mobile app publishing with Azure Logic Apps
Microsoft IT built Enterprise Mobile App Publishing (EMAP) to improve the process of certifying and publishing mobile apps. It uses automated workflows created in Azure Logic Apps. Read about this implementation used by Microsoft IT.
Free training: Deep learning explained
Practical applications of deep learning, a subset of machine learning, can be seen everywhere – from IoT to speech technology and beyond. Learn an intuitive approach to building the complex models that help machines solve real-world problems with human-like intelligence.
Xamarin + Syncfusion are changing mobile development
Move your apps to the mobile world and shift to a mobile-first, cloud-first mindset. Get started today with over 90 Xamarin controls from Syncfusion.
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Free hands-on IoT training in a city near you
Through August 24, 2017, nationwide
Attend a hands-on session near you and discover what’s possible with the Internet of Things. Learn how to combine Microsoft Azure IoT services and Power BI with Intel hardware to build a modern IoT solution.
Mission Mars: Fourth Horizon Experience
Through August 9, 2017, nationwide
The fate of Earth’s first mission to Mars now rests in the hands of developers like you. Join the emergency response team to help regain contact. Bring your skills, find the crew, and help save the mission at a Microsoft Technology Center near you.
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Free training: Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
Haven’t used Xamarin.Forms yet? This course, led by Jeff Prosise, provides a deep dive into Xamarin.Forms, showing how you can build cross-platform mobile apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone using C# and UIs built in XAML.
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