MicrosoftDeveloper Newsletter Volume 22, Number 20 | October 3, 2018 
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C#: What’s new and what’s coming next
Get the latest on Azure Machine Learning improvements
Visual Studio Code: New features and innovations
Tips to get more out of Visual Studio Code
Generate pixel-perfect Angular code from Sketch designs Live! 360 announced NEW Artificial Intelligence Live!
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Visual Studio extensions: Tools and resources to get started
Watch an introduction to Visual Studio extensions, review key resources about the APIs, and find help if you’re stuck.

Blazor and C# on the web: Delve into events, binding, and composition
Bring .NET to the browser with the Blazor web UI framework. Examine a Blazor application to see how it uses C# with HTML, CSS, JSON data, and JavaScript.
New: Step Back for C++ developers
The most recent update to Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise Edition added Step Back for C++ developers, which lets you return to a previous state while debugging, without restarting the process. Find out how to enable this feature, how it works, and how to use Step Back when debugging code.

Deploy your apps to Azure App Service and Azure Functions
Learn about the wide range of deployment options available for Azure App Service and Azure Functions. These include .zip files, Cloud Sync, and the new Run From Package method, which helps improve performance and simplify version management.
Generate pixel-perfect Angular code from Sketch designs
Experience Indigo.Design: A unified platform for visual design, UX prototyping, code generation, and app development.
Contribute to Microsoft open source software projects
Some of the most important Microsoft technologies, including .NET Framework and C#, are open source. In fact, Microsoft hosts nearly 2,000 open source projects on GitHub. Find out how to contribute your knowledge and expertise to these Microsoft projects.

How to upgrade extensions to support Visual Studio 2019
Learn a straightforward way to upgrade your Visual Studio extensions to support Visual Studio 2019. Get a hands-on overview of the steps you’ll need to perform.

Announcing automated machine learning
Learn more about the automated machine learning feature, now in preview in the Azure Machine Learning service. Achieve higher accuracy in less time by using automated machine learning to identify machine learning pipelines for solving data problems.

C++: Parallel custom build tools in Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2017 15.8 added support for parallel execution of custom build tools and new options for easier build integration.

Azure.Source: A Microsoft Ignite 2018 retrospective
Microsoft Ignite was packed with demonstrations and announcements about Azure. Check out this round up of announcements and highlights for a complete guide to all the Azure news and announcements that came out of Ignite.
Log SQL and change-tracking events in EF Core
Explore the new logging APIs in .NET Core. Learn about SQL and change-tracking events, with a focus on providers that output to the console and the debugger.

Get to know C++17
C++17 is an important step in the evolution of the C++ language. Read about it in three books written by Microsoft MVPs for C++ developers and get to know what’s new in the latest version of C++.

Generally available: Tomcat and Java SE on Azure App Service for Linux
Use Azure App Service to build, deploy, and scale your applications without having to maintain the underlying operating system and web servers. Now Azure App Service supports Tomcat and Java SE applications for Linux.

Build microservices more easily with Azure Service Fabric
Learn about new features for Azure Service Fabric, the cloud-based microservices platform, and Azure Service Fabric Mesh, its fully managed serverless option.

Live! 360 announced NEW Artificial Intelligence Live!
An innovative event for developers, data scientists, and engineers covering AI, machine learning, data science, Big Data and IoT analytics, bots, and more.
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Azure + AI Conference 
December 3‒6, 2018, Las Vegas, NV
Cloud services and artificial intelligence have converged to create new possibilities. Attend the Azure + AI Conference to hear from industry leaders, including Scott Guthrie, Scott Hanselman, and James McCaffrey, as they explore the future of AI and cloud technologies.
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New: Role-based certification for Azure Developers 
Take the new role-based Azure Developer certification exams. Beta exams are now available with discount codes on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.
Special offer: Save up to 50 percent in the Microsoft Press Store 
Take your career to the next level with Microsoft Press books, e-books, and videos. Use discount code IGNITE during checkout to save up to 50 percent. Offer ends October 7, 2018.
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