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Volume 21, Number 21 | October 18, 2017 
Top News Worldwide
Now available: Get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK
Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android: What developers need to know
Managed AJAX: A new approach to building faster, more responsive web apps?
Save the date: Join Microsoft Connect(); 2017 online for live sessions and hands-on training
Sponsors: DevExpress, and Red Gate Software
Your next great dashboard starts here Why miss out on version-controlling your database?
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Webinar: How to build better games with Visual Studio, Unity, and Azure (November 7, 2017)
Learn how your C# skills and Azure Cloud Services can help take your Unity games to the next level. Get step-by-step guidance, watch demos, and learn best practices. Explore immersive features, such as leaderboards and heatmaps, and leave ready to build better games.

Free training: Get started with Python courses for beginners
The free Python Beginner: Strings and Functions course from Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great way to get started with Python. Then check out Python Fundamentals: Lists and Loops to take your new skills a step further.
Write a Windows Device Portal packaged plug-in
Windows Device Portal (WDP) is a web-based diagnostics system built into most editions of Windows. With the Windows 10 Creators Update, developers can extend their Windows Store apps with custom REST APIs, using the Windows Device Portal API to implement a WDP packaged plug-in.

Game dev: Writing a more advanced multiplayer networked-physics game for the web
In the latest edition of MSDN Magazine, Gary Weiss demonstrates how you can implement a simple multiplayer networked-physics game on the web. Along the way, he explores tools and technologies available for building better browser-based games.
Create fully customizable dashboards with DevExpress
Learn how you can create fully customizable dashboards with our flexible data visualization tools and distribute royalty-free.
Time-series regression using a C# neural network
Time-series regression is used to make predictions based on historical time data. James McCaffrey demonstrates how to perform this kind of analysis using rolling-window data combined with a neural network, which can lead to more accurate results.

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension September 2017 Update
The Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension is the most popular C++ extension for Visual Studio Code. And the recent September 2017 update adds many new features to the extension. Get details about the new capabilities and download the update.

Mastering Cognitive Services
Microsoft Cognitive Services can help you build more intelligent apps. In this five-part series of courses, Scott J. Peterson covers everything you need to know, from incorporating computer vision and emotion detection to implementing advanced search capabilities and natural-language commands.

Getting Started with Teams for developers
Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace in Office 365, integrates with apps and services that groups use to work together. Learn how you can hold daily stand-up meetings and discuss code in Teams, integrate tools (such as Visual Studio Team Services), and connect a bot to your workspace.

Free on-demand training: Advanced analytics with Azure Machine Learning
Get an overview of Microsoft tools for advanced analytics. Learn about Azure Machine Learning, discover how it examines data for patterns, and find out how it can improve predictions. You will also learn about Azure Data Factory, SQL Server 2016 R Services, and Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps
The Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps is designed to prepare you for changing market conditions. Learn the skills you need in today’s DevOps work environments – continuous integration and deployment, infrastructure as code, testing, containers, and application monitoring.

Why miss out on version-controlling your database?
It’s easier than you think, because SQL Source Control connects your database to the same version control tools you use for applications. Find out how.
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Microsoft Tech Summit: Build your skills with the latest in cloud technologies
November 16, 2017–April 25, 2018, worldwide
Attend a free, technical learning event near you, presented by the experts who build and run Microsoft’s cloud services. Whether you’re developing innovative apps or delivering optimized solutions, Microsoft Tech Summit can help improve your skills and deepen your expertise.
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Getting started with the Cloud Adoption Test Lab Guides
The Cloud Adoption Test Lab Guides are articles and white papers that can help you quickly ramp-up your knowledge about Microsoft Cloud technologies so you can get hands-on more quickly. This free course for IT pros and developers provides an intro to using the Cloud Adoption Test Lab Guides.
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