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Volume 21, Number 5 | March 7, 2017 
Top News Worldwide
New release: Visual Studio 2017 is now available for download
Visual Studio 2017: Read about the new release and get started
Free training: Build iOS and Android mobile apps in C# with Xamarin
Azure Stack TP3: Building applications with Azure and Azure Stack
Sponsors: Syncfusion, and Red Gate Software
ASP.NET Core for Beginners – Syncfusion Video Series Help your team write better, shareable SQL, faster
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Hashing source code files with Visual Studio to assure file integrity
MSDN Magazine looks at the new Visual Studio switch for choosing the strong SHA-256 hashing algorithm. Explore scenarios where such hashes can prove useful, and learn how to use Visual Studio to generate source code hashes.

Free webinar series: Transform your business through mobile with Xamarin
Register for a free, four-part webinar series and learn how you can transform your business with mobility. See how you can build engaging Android, iOS, and Windows apps using Xamarin and Azure.
How to: Making bots more intelligent
Bots offer unparalleled reach with their conversational interfaces and support for channels like Skype and Facebook Messenger. MSDN Magazine shows how you can use Microsoft Cognitive Services to add intelligence to a simple bot.

Learn C++ Concepts with Visual Studio 2017 and the WSL
Concepts, which are now in a technical specification, could fundamentally change how you write templated C++ code. Find out how you can get a head start learning these important features before they make it into the C++ standard.
ASP.NET Core for Beginners – Syncfusion Video Series
Syncfusion has partnered with Ugo Lattanzi to create a new video series for beginners on ASP.NET Core – offering a fast way to develop familiarity with its basic operation.
Yammer Partner Q&A: Process Street’s CTO, Cameron McKay
In this Q&A, Cameron McKay, CTO of Process Street, explains how using the Yammer Platform has helped its users. Read the blog post to hear his advice for developers who want to integrate with the Yammer Platform.

Cutting Edge: Soft updates with temporal tables
In the latest issue of MSDN Magazine, Dino Esposito delves deeper into SQL Server 2016 temporal tables and their use from within Entity Framework.

SharePoint Framework: Build and deploy engaging web parts
The SharePoint Framework is now generally available. Find out how it lets developers take advantage of up-to-date developer practices, tools, and libraries to build more engaging, mobile-ready experiences.

Active Events: One design pattern instead of a dozen
Active Events is a design pattern that enables encapsulation and polymorphism. It allows you to separate concerns by creating extendable, reusable components that can be assembled almost as if they were Lego pieces. Learn more in this article from MSDN Magazine.

Go to Market: How to run effective campaigns and acquire new users
The new “Go to Market” series covers topics that are important to people developing add-ins and apps for Office. It is based on the recently published guide for being effective when going to market with your Office add-in or service.

Help your team write better, shareable SQL, faster
SQL Prompt strips away the repetition of coding and lets your team write, refactor, share, and standardize SQL. Find out how with a free trial.
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TechTalk: Harnessing the power of intelligent data and app development
Through April 14, 2017, nationwide
Every application is powered by data. When layered with analytics and combined with the cloud, the rise of intelligent apps becomes an organization’s key strategic asset. Register to learn about the latest technologies and practices, including SQL on Linux, big data, SaaS, and DevOps.
Virtual CXO Summit: Register to watch the livestream
March 29, 2017
CXO Summit is sold out, but you can still join the action and learn how your organization can leverage technology and innovation. Hear what industry leaders have to say about security, the cloud, emerging technologies, and digital transformation.
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Mastering Azure App Service: Building Azure Mobile Apps
If you are ready to build the next great mobile app, be sure to watch this course – the last part in a four-part series on Mastering Azure App Service. Find out how Azure Mobile Apps make it easier to build rich mobile apps that support authentication, authorization, offline operation, push notifications, and more.
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