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Volume 21, Number 6 | March 20, 2017 
Top News Worldwide
Free webinar: Intro to mobile development with Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017 (March 22, 2017)
Microsoft Teams is now available: Start building integrated solutions for Office 365
Visual Studio 2017: A look at some of the best new capabilities for C++ developers
Free on-demand training: Cloud application development
Sponsors: DevExpress, and /n Software
Introducing DevExpress v16.2 IP*Works! SSH 2016 Now Available
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Your Featured Content
Microsoft Data Amp: Learn about this new online data event
Microsoft Data Amp is a new event that will help you and your teams unlock the potential of data. Join this live event online on April 19, 2017 to learn how you can create intelligent applications, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration.

Chi-squared goodness of fit test using C#
If you have an array of observed counts and an array of expected counts, you can calculate how closely they match using the chi-squared statistic. James McCaffrey explains how to use this goodness of fit test in your software.
New in Access 2016: Large Number (BigInt) support
Learn about the new data type support in Access that unlocks multiple scenarios based on Access’s ability to read and write data to and from external data sources that use BigInt.

Find out how a mobile app is helping Syrian refugees
Cellphones offer lifelines for 600,000 urban refugees living in Syria. Watch to learn how Urban Refuge created a mobile app that helps Syrian refugees find aid and services on a map.
Introducing DevExpress v16.2
DevExpress v16.2 is now available. Built and optimized for software developers targeting Windows, the web, and mobile platforms, DevExpress Universal empowers today’s enterprise and helps any organization deliver best-of-breed software solutions across devices and form factors. Download your free 30-day trial today.
DevIntersection: Register now for a workshop package and get an Xbox One S
Build is sold out, but you can still see the best of Build (including Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman) at DevIntersection in Orlando May 21–24, 2017. Sign up for a workshop package by March 28 and you can take home an Xbox One S.

Simplify safe array programming in C++ with CComSafeArray
MSDN Magazine delves into C++ programming techniques involved in producing arrays of data using the SAFEARRAY data structure and convenient ATL helper classes like CComSafeArray.

How to be MEAN: Angular components
In the latest issue of MSDN Magazine, Ted Neward examines major Angular concepts, focusing on components and how they drive the design and organization of an Angular project.

Microsoft Graph Portal has a new look
Read about the new portal that will help you get started with Microsoft Graph. Check out the Quick Start Guide, the Graph Explorer, samples, and SDKs.

Celebrating 20 years of Office Developer tooling with Visual Studio
This blog post reflects on the history of Office Developer tooling (including many great years as a part of Visual Studio) and looks to the future of dev tools for Office.

How to: Using immutable collections
Immutable collections provide an alternative to mutable and concurrent collections. This article explores the design and implementation of immutable collections and discusses how and when to use them.

Microsoft Graph: Adding custom data to resources is now available in preview
Microsoft Graph provides a single API endpoint that provides access to rich data and insights. However, developers often want to associate additional custom data with these resource types. Learn about the new solution that lets you extend Microsoft Graph with your own data.

IP*Works! SSH 2016 Now Available
The most comprehensive suite of components for professional internet development now supports Visual Studio 2017, enhances security, and more. Free trial.
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Mission Mars: Fourth Horizon Experience
The fate of Earth’s first mission to Mars rests in your hands. Join the emergency response team to help regain contact with the crew, save the mission, and build your skills at this live training event in a city near you. Find an event.
Data Camp: Machine learning for developers and data scientists
Attend a free hands-on training session at a Microsoft Technology Center and learn how you can improve your data insights with Azure Machine Learning.
Live event: The 360 on innovative applications
Join a live event in a city near you to learn how Microsoft tools and platforms can enable digital transformation in your environment. Discover how you can architect and maintain applications with DevOps processes and deliver digital experiences that will inspire your employees and customers.
TechTalk: Harnessing the power of intelligent data and app development
Through April 14, 2017, nationwide
Every application is powered by data. When layered with analytics and combined with the cloud, the rise of intelligent apps becomes an organization’s key strategic asset. Register to learn about the latest technologies and practices, including SQL on Linux, big data, SaaS, and DevOps.
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SQL Database Fundamentals
In this three-hour on-demand course, expert instructors cover fundamental concepts that are critical to database administrators, developers, data scientists, and big data specialists.
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