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Volume 20, Number 22 | October 17, 2016 
Top News Worldwide
Free eBook: Understanding Azure – A Guide for Developers
New: Provide seamless, in-app analytic experiences with Power BI Embedded
Connect(); 2016:
Save the date for Microsoft’s developer event
How to: Introduction to building cross-platform apps with Xamarin.Forms
Sponsors: Progress, and Alachisoft
Telerik white paper: The Command Line Reinvented Webinar: Scale Azure .NET Apps with Distributed Caching
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Your Featured Content
Free training: Getting started with bots
In this course, experts Christopher Harrison and Ryan Volum explore bots and the Microsoft Bot Framework . Learn about many ways of communicating with users beyond just text, and get details on using LUIS to handle natural language processing.

Transform source code to deployable artifacts with Team Foundation Build
Kraig Brockschmidt continues his series on Mobile DevOps with a focus on the build/continuous integration stage of the release pipeline.
Create a customizable FileSystemWatcher Windows service
Learn how to write a Windows service application that monitors file system changes and allows you to easily change the application’s settings simply by updating an XML file and restarting the service.

Now on demand: Machine Learning and Data Science Summit
The summit is over, but you can still hear what industry leaders and Microsoft engineers have to say about big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and open source techniques and technologies. Watch videos from the summit on demand.
Did the resurgence of CLI tools catch you by surprise?
Reconnect with the command line and become more productive. Learn the new .NET and ASP.NET CLI. Get your free copy.
MVA training: GitHub for Windows Users
Jeremy Foster (of Microsoft) and Briana Swift (of GitHub) demonstrate how the GitHub flow works in your browser, on the desktop, and in Visual Studio tools.

How to: Using an event-command-saga approach for business logic
Dino Esposito presents a .NET-based framework specifically devised to implement the business logic of applications using relatively new concepts, such as commands and sagas.

Playlist: Data and enterprise development sessions at Ignite 2016
Check out this roundup of videos from Ignite 2016 and watch hours of content covering data and enterprise development.

Run Entity Framework Core on both .NET Framework and .NET Core
Entity Framework Core is the newest version of EF and runs equally well on both the full .NET Framework and the cross-platform .NET Core. Julie Lerman walks you through two projects that explore how to use EF Core in APIs and applications that run across both frameworks.

Rugged DevOps: Team Services extensions
While teams leveraging DevOps are able to deploy more frequently, many have not integrated security into their processes. Learn about three extensions to make your DevOps environment rugged with improved security for open source components, code scanning, and more.

Webinar: Scale Azure .NET Apps with Distributed Caching
Attend and learn how to improve the performance and scalability of Azure .NET applications using distributed caching along with hands-on examples.
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Ask the experts: Faster and better dev/test in the cloud
October 26, 2016
Join this webcast and let a Microsoft technical expert answer your questions. Learn about your Visual Studio subscription and the new capabilities of Azure and Visual Studio Team Services.
October 25–28, 2016, Las Vegas, NV
Microsoft Exec VP Scott Guthrie, Corp VP Stephen Guggenheimer, and Scott Hanselman join 100 industry experts navigating new technologies and current products, including ASP.NET Core, Visual Studio “15”, Xamarin, Angular 2, C# 7 and more. Workshop attendees take home cool hardware. Register now.
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