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Volume 20, Number 14 | June 27, 2016 
Top News Worldwide
Free Microsoft Press eBook: Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development
.NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0 are now generally available
Build your Android applications in Visual Studio using Gradle
Save up to 55% on exam prep books and eBooks through July 31, 2016
Sponsors: Visual Studio Live! Redmond, and Alachisoft
Visual Studio Live! Redmond @ Microsoft headquarters White paper: 4 Ways to Improve ASP.NET Performance
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Learn about Xamarin by June 30 – and earn TechRewards
Xamarin is the perfect tool for .NET developers who want to create apps on iOS, Android, and Windows. Watch “Xamarin for Absolute Beginners,” and join our expert instructor team as they walk you through installation and setup, explore the basics of a Xamarin app, and much more. Act now, get skilled on Xamarin, and add points to your TechRewards account.
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Your Featured Content
Language-Agnostic Code Generation with Roslyn
Learn how to perform language-agnostic code generation using the Roslyn SyntaxGenerator class and its methods, which provide a unified programming model to generate syntax nodes that can target both C# and VB simultaneously.

Let the DevOps experts advise and guide your transformation
Hear from industry experts, companies making the transformation, and Microsoft’s own experiences. DevOps Dimension delivers this community to you.
Visual C++ for Linux Updates
Get updates on improvements we’ve made to the VC++ for Linux extension based on developer feedback, and take the opportunity to provide your input to help make further refinements.

Improve your productivity with new version control features in Visual Studio 2015
We strive to accommodate all the various source control providers our customers use, and work to maintain extensible features. To this end, we’ve created new additions that should help you be more productive when working with source control, regardless of your provider.
Visual Studio Live! Redmond @ Microsoft headquarters
Join us August 8 – 12 at Microsoft headquarters for Visual Studio Live!’s unique blend of practical, independent .NET/developer training. Details here.
Taking the MSTest Framework forward with “MSTest V2”
“MSTest V2” offers uniform app-platform support across desktop, Store, UWP, ASP.NET Core 1.0, and .NET Core 1.0. For applications targeting desktop or UWP, you can start using it right away with Visual Studio 2015.

How to Be MEAN: Passport
PassportJS is arguably the most successful authentication project ever developed, across any language or platform. It manages to provide the necessary authentication “hooks” while leaving open the actual means of authentication when you want to control that. Yet, it can still slip in and do the heavy lifting when needed.

Using Azure App Services to Convert a Web Page to PDF
Learn how to give web site visitors a way to convert a web page into a PDF document, by creating an Azure App Service web app that calls a WebJob API. The WebJob can then place the PDF file into an Azure Storage container and return its internet location using SignalR in real time.

F# for the Practical Developer
F# is a powerful language capable of saving you time with less syntax, a powerful type system, and a core library suited for modern workloads. Learn how you can use the best features of F# within the context of an existing .NET solution.

Check out a fun new video from Microsoft’s IoT team
See entertaining examples of how IoT technology is in use right now and how it affects the way companies operate and end-users behave. Then look behind the scenes.

Speed Up Your Mobile Development Using an MBaaS Platform
Learn how Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) can make mobile app development quicker and easier by providing components for critical but common operations, such as authentication, file storage, and much more.

Apache Cordova and browser-based workflow
Cordova simulate is an open source project, in collaboration with Intel, that combines the best of Ionic Serve and Ripple. This project is now integrated into the latest release of Visual Studio Code and we are working on adding it to Visual Studio.

4 Ways to Improve ASP.NET Performance
Read this white paper to learn about scalability bottlenecks in ASP.NET apps and how to use an in-memory distributed cache to overcome them.
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