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Volume 20, Number 9 | April 25, 2016 
Dive deeper into Build
Build 2016 was so full of cool stuff that we couldn’t help but grab a few more of our favorites to send your way. In this special “overflow” issue, we’ve got multiple perspectives on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, Jennifer Marsman on machine learning, plus mobile, game dev, the future of C#, and more.
Top News Worldwide
The how and why of running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows
Get started with HoloLens by using an open-source Unity project
Xbox One Dev Mode: Use your own Xbox One console for development
Microsoft’s cross-platform mobile toolbox: Xamarin, Cordova, Unity and C++
Sponsors: AppDynamics, and Alachisoft
Top 5 .NET metrics, tips, and tricks White paper: Four Ways to Improve ASP.NET Performance
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Have fun. Earn rewards. Build new ideas.
Build Code Challenge: Develop Android native applications with Xamarin
Xamarin integrates fully into Visual Studio and allows development of iOS, Android, and Windows applications alike. You can reuse code while still creating OS-specific UX and accessing the full spectrum of functionality and native performance enabled by the underlying software platform and device hardware.
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Your Featured Content
The Future of C#
We’ve been hard at work improving tooling, adding new language features, and enhancing the language itself. See early versions of new C# 7 language features such as tuples and pattern matching, new editor features including code style and source generators, and much more.

From Build 2016: UWP, Centennial, Store Updates, Samples, and More
This week at the Reactor Tim Reilly welcomes Sertac Ozercan, partner evangelist to share his reactions to Build 2016 announcements, including changes to the store, “chaseable” tiles, and more.
Machine learning at Build 2016: Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services
Machine-learning junkie Jennifer Marsman details the Microsoft Bot Framework (build your own bots!) and the 21 APIs – covering vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search – that comprise Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Demo: Bash running on a Windows 10 machine
Join James Sturtevant as he talks about Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, .NET Foundation’s new members and Service Fabric GA announcements. You will get to see Bash running on a Windows 10 machine and hear the benefits for not only Windows developers but why it is good for the entire ecosystem.
Top 5 .NET metrics, tips, and tricks
Best practices for .NET application performance to optimize your business. Download the free ebook.
Windows Command Line Improvements
Linux lovers rejoice! Microsoft and Ubuntu are partnering to bring Bash to Windows. Yosef Durr provides a deeper look at the new Linux subsystem coming in the next Windows update.

Build mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using cross-platform, hybrid technologies
Visual Studio offers a cross-platform approach to building apps, allowing you to build from a single code base, test, and deploy native applications to iOS, Android, and Windows. Work with Xamarin and Apache Cordova, share code and business logic, and get platform-specific IntelliSense.

Building Blocks: Game Development with Unity
Expert Adam Tuliper walks you through the basics of game objects, the compilation and structure of Unity, and what prefabs and Unity packages are. Adam introduces basic coding techniques, shows you how to create and control 2D animations, enhance the user interface, and much more.

Add Power BI to your apps with just a few lines of code
Learn about the cool things that scientists have changed in Power BI to make it an even more powerful tool then it already is. Learn about recent announcements regarding open source, Power BI mobile, Power BI service, and more.

Xamarin for Absolute Beginners
Step through setup and installation with popular experts Gerry O’Brien and Christopher Harrison, and explore the basics of a Xamarin app. Take a look at a Xamarin project, get the details on using emulators, and go over debugging and deployment.

White paper: Four Ways to Improve ASP.NET Performance
Read this white paper to learn about scalability bottlenecks in ASP.NET apps and how to use an in-memory distributed cache to overcome them. Topics covered are: problems with application database, ASP.NET session state storage, view state, page execution for static output, and why No SQL databases are not the answer.
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Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – build your cloud skills
Through May 23, 2016, worldwide
At this free technical training event, learn best practices and gain insight directly from the experts who build and run cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, and more. You’ll learn something new and walk away ready to apply your new skills.
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