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Volume 19, Number 14 | July 27, 2015 
Top News Worldwide
Download Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6, and watch the keynote
Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health: new Web Tiles and Microsoft Health Cloud APIs
Take a closer look at ASP.NET 4.6 and ASP.NET 5 beta 5 in Visual Studio 2015 release
July 29: Use Node.js with Visual Studio Code
Sponsors: DevExpress, and Red Gate Software
DevExpress v15.1 available now New .NET MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – “Situation Critical”
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Visual Studio 2015: Analyze Architecture with Visual Studio Code Maps
Use the architectural visualization and dependency analysis capabilities of Visual Studio 2015 Code Map to improve the architecture of your application and assess the impact of potential code changes.

Async Programming: Brownfield Async Development
The best approach to converting existing synchronous code into asynchronous code is to start at the lower-level layers and work your way up toward the user levels. If your code doesn’t have well-defined layers, you can still do it; it will just be a bit more difficult.
Cutting Edge: CQRS and Message-Based Applications
Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is a software design philosophy that separates the code that alters state and the code that just reads state. The core element of the CQRS approach is simplicity of design.

R Programming Language: Introduction to R for C# Programmers
In this era of data acquisition and analysis, it makes sense to add a language for statistical computing to your toolbox. R is one such language and James McCaffrey helps C# programmers get up to speed.
Test Run: Linear Regression Using C#
There aren’t many examples of how to perform linear regression using a programming language on the internet. James McCaffrey explains how to do this using C#.

Interoperability in IoT
The full value of IoT will only be realized when all devices participate in the same network, and our belief is that the best way to bring about this reality is through a community of industry stakeholders participating in an open, standards-based approach.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse opens for limited public preview
Azure SQL Data Warehouse provides:

• The first enterprise-class elastic data warehouse that includes the separation of compute and storage
• The ability to pause the database
• Full SQL Server experience that includes PolyBase
• Hybrid options – your data, your platform, your choice
Microsoft Named a Leader in Gartner’s Public Cloud Storage Services for Second Consecutive Year
Gartner research recently published their Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services and recognized Microsoft Azure as a leader for the second year in a row based on completeness of our vision and ability to execute. Read more for details.

Building Flight Arcade: Behind the scenes with WebGL, WebAudio and GamePad API
During Microsoft’s //build conference, we demonstrated some of the advancements in Microsoft Edge’s platform features with a new demo from Pixel Lab, Flight Arcade. See how the demo came together and take a look at some of the new web technologies.
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