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Volume 19, Number 10 | May 18, 2015 

Create amazing experiences on devices running Windows 10 (May 19–21)

30-minute sessions let you drop in and learn about just the topics you find most interesting.

Top News Worldwide
Windows 10 dev tools preview – Install the tools, explore the Universal Windows platform
Build production-quality mobile apps with Tools for Apache Cordova in Visual Studio 2015 RC
Introducing Microsoft Edge Dev – platform status, change log, developer FAQ, and more
Free Microsoft Press eBook – Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning
Sponsors: Alachisoft, and Red Gate Software
Webinar: Scaling .NET Apps with a Distributed Cache How to track every change to your SQL Server database
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Build and Beyond
Explore more sessions from Build 2015
All sessions from Build 2015 can be found on Channel 9. Filter by speaker, product, and more to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
Earn DVLUP points and attend the Build Tour
Build 2015 is coming to a city near you. Each single-day session will cover best-of-Build announcements across Azure, Windows, and Office, plus deep dives into Windows 10 across apps and web. Attend the event, complete the DVLUP activity challenge, and earn points.
Want an in-depth look at the Universal Windows Platform plus earn DVLUP points?
Register for “A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10” (May 19 – 21) and let the experts walk you through the Universal Windows Platform. Then, take the activity challenge and earn points for your efforts. Sign up today.
Build 2015: We are makers
At Microsoft, we love makers and we are makers. At Build 2015, we showed our support for makers through HoloLens, Windows IoT Core on Raspberry Pi, the partnership with Arduino, NETMF, Gadgeteer on Raspberry Pi 2, and much more. Watch the video for more details.
Build 2015 session: DevOps as a Strategy for Business Agility
Delivering high-quality, modern applications requires modern application lifecycle management tools and processes. Watch this demo-packed session from Build 2015 and learn about updates to the Microsoft application lifecycle management offerings that will enable your dev teams to be more productive and to collaborate more effectively.
The best of Build, on tour: through June 19
The Build Tour includes more than 20 one-day events featuring Microsoft experts, Windows 10 deep dives for app and web developers, key insights, demos, and coding sessions. Register today to secure your spot. #buildtour
May 19–21: A Developer’s Guide to Windows 10
Windows capabilities and social integration can help you create amazing experiences on devices running Windows 10, including – soon – Xbox. Each session lasts about 30 minutes, so you can join us for the topics that interest you most. If Pacific Time’s not convenient, there are sessions for Asia and Europe.
Inspire students to Break into Code
Students ages 9 to 18 worldwide can become technology creators with the new, beginning-level challenge, Break into Code, from Microsoft Imagine. Encourage the student in your life to learn to code, create a game and win cash prizes.
You build apps, now build your career - Get points with this new DVLUP challenge
When it comes to building apps, we know that you have real world experience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get credit for those apps you’re building? Well now you can. Take the DVLUP Challenge today.
DVLUP: Build your skills with the Build Developer Challenge and earn rewards
Earn points redeemable for exciting rewards and build your skills at the same time. Sign up at DVLUP and report your completion of any of the Microsoft Virtual Academy “Know It. Prove It.” challenges. Your choice of skills to learn and prizes to earn.
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Your Featured Content
Use IntelliTrace to diagnose issues faster
IntelliTrace extends the debugger in Visual Studio 2015 and lets developers record historical debugging information as applications are running. In this article, learn how IntelliTrace helps developers execute testing steps to reproduce issues, then use historical debugging to identify the root causes.

Add compile-time type checking to printf
Windows with C++ columnist Kenny Kerr continues to improve printf in modern C++ by adding compile-time type checking without sacrificing performance.
End-to-end testing in modern web sites and apps
As software and apps for all platforms become increasingly complex, it becomes more important than ever to add testing to your development process. Testing helps ensure app performance and accuracy, and can greatly improve the quality of your apps.

2D game engines for the web
Michael Oneppo builds the same game in three different popular 2D Web game engines, showing what the modern Web has to offer for new game developers.
May 29 – Deep Dive Friday: MSDN and Azure for Development and Testing Agility
How can you develop multiple application versions concurrently? Test at the scale demanded in production? Find answers quickly given accelerated timelines? We’ll show you how to use Microsoft Azure to address dev and test scenarios, Visual Studio Online capabilities, and other MSDN benefits.

May 22 – Deep Dive Friday: Visual Studio 2015: Debugging for the Win
In the world of development, all too often code that “worked on my machine” has an issue when moved to another. Visual Studio 2015 has the answers for these scenarios, and in this deep dive, we’ll show you how.

Maximize Your Development Technology Investment
May 19, 2015
June 11, 2015
Microsoft development technologies, including Visual Studio 2015, continue to adapt and support you with state-of-the-art features. Get the latest on the Microsoft development ecosystem, and see the value you can realize with Visual Studio 2015, MSDN, and more.

Building Apps with TouchDevelop – Turtle Spiral
Microsoft Technical Evangelist Christine Matheney covers a quick tutorial on how to create cool and crazy graphics by controlling a turtle. Watch the Turtle Spiral demo, then begin creating using TouchDevelop. Get started now.

On demand: Construct 2 Advanced Game Development
Build on the foundation of the Developing Games with Construct 2 course. Take a deeper look at behaviors and attributes, and learn to apply them to actual game projects. Include privacy and support settings, add a leaderboard, and more.

On demand: MEAN Stack Jump Start
Get a primer on MEAN ( MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js), technologies that fit well together to provide a full-stack JavaScript implementation of web applications. Learn how to use MEAN to build scalable apps quickly and easily, and see a cool Twitter clone demo.

Office DevCamp
Over 1 billion Office users in 147 countries – learn how to serve this huge market by applying standard web technologies to create Office-based solutions. Explore the new Office 365 API model and build an end-to-end example. Download Visual Studio Community 2013 and register today.

On demand: Introduction to AngularJS
Watch this course for some coding fun, as the popular team of Christopher Harrison and Stacey Mulcahy dive deep into helpful AngularJS features, including directives, databinding, filtering, and more. Plus, learn how to leverage the built-in functionality of this framework in your own workflow.

Inspire young developers to create new games
Encourage the aspiring developer in your life to register for a free Windows 10 Game Jam so they can create awesome games and level up their skills with insights and instructions from Microsoft gaming experts.

Using virtual machines and containers for community development
Open source when viewed as a software development model is all about the community. Code is, of course, critical to the success of a project, but it is the community that writes the code…
A sneak peek of the new Office Graph API
Now developers can build powerful solutions that tap into rich data and machine learning capabilities to build smarter applications, all through a new single unified API endpoint.

New and updated Office 365 API content
Learn about the new features for developers that are available in the April 2015 release of the Office 365 APIs, as well as any known issues.

Office 365 development patterns and practices solution guidance
Want to learn how to transition your full-trust code solutions to the SharePoint app model? Use these code samples and documentation to quickly learn how to use the SharePoint app model.

Access OneNote data wherever it lives
Use the updated OneNote API to create, retrieve, and update OneNote content on Office 365 (Preview).

New Skype Developer Platform
New developer tools and opportunities for Skype for Business and Skype enable web developers to create solutions that allow businesses to connect with customers, vendors, or partners through a simple Skype button, mobile apps, browser-based chat, and more.

Forrester paper: Infrastructure as Code for Faster Application Delivery
Treating infrastructure as code (IaC) is a key element of DevOps. Forrester takes a look at IaC and how enterprises are using it to make their application lifecycles faster and more predictable with better quality. Download the free white paper.

DevOps customer spotlight: kCura takes provisioning challenges head on with Chef on Azure
David Tesar sits down with kCura’s Sameer Doshi at Microsoft Ignite to discuss the challenges his company has faced with the need to provision infrastructure at warp speed, and benefits they are realizing from using Chef, Infrastructure as Code, and Microsoft Azure.

Access data and relationships from Microsoft and Office 365 services using the Office 365 unified API
The Office 365 unified API exposes multiple APIs from Microsoft cloud services through a single REST API endpoint. By using the Office 365 unified API, you can turn your formerly difficult or complex queries into simple navigations.

Last chance for a free second shot at a Microsoft exam
Get a free second shot at passing a Microsoft certification exam. This offer ends soon – don’t miss it! Get the details.
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IoT DevCamps
Discover how to use Microsoft Azure services as a full, end-to-end IoT solution as we put Event Hub, Streaming Analytics, and Web Sites under the microscope.
The best of Build, on tour: through June 19
The Build Tour includes more than 20 one-day events featuring Microsoft experts, Windows 10 deep dives for app and web developers, key insights, demos, and coding sessions. Register today to secure your spot. #buildtour
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Student News
Students - Register today for the Windows 10 Game Jam taking place at over 40 locations worldwide through May 24 #win10gamejam
Come make your first Windows 10 game at one of our 24-hour games hackathons. Microsoft Imagine Windows 10 Game Jam is designed to give you access to the expert guidance and tools you need to set you up for the Windows 10 Universal App Platform.
Break into Code
Students ages 9 to 18 worldwide can become technology creators with the new, beginning-level challenge, Break into Code, from Microsoft Imagine. Learn to code, create a game, and win cash prizes.
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