Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.WebServices namespace
Public class ExcelServiceExcel Web Services is exposed as a web service.
Public class ExcelServiceInternal
Public class ParameterInfoGets or sets the name and values of a parameter.
Public class RangeCoordinatesThe four integer coordinates used to select a contiguous range.
Public class SheetInfoContains information about a sheet in a workbook.
Public class SizeDefines the width and height of the chart image.
Public class StatusRepresents alert information.
Public class TypeExporterThis class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.
Public class WorkbookItemRepresents named items in the workbook.
Public class WorkbookModelInfo WorkbookModelInfo class for the EnsureWorkbookModel API method
Public interface IWorkbookModelUsage Interface is called by SSPM within ECS to support usage tracking of the internal model. The object should be thread safe as a single instance of this will be created for each instance of ECS and methods may be called on multiple threads
Public enumeration CalculateTypeDefines the different types of workbook calculation.
Public enumeration CellErrorDefines the supported cell error values that can be returned in an object during a call to the methods GetRange(String, String, RangeCoordinates, Boolean, []) and GetCell(String, String, Int32, Int32, Boolean, []).
Public enumeration ItemTypeIndicates the types of the returned items.
Public enumeration RequestType Type of request which was completed (used as part of the RequestComplete api). Process requests are a type of Execute requests but given the differences in behavior and execution time they are called out as a separate type
Public enumeration SaveOptionsSpecifies whether to overwrite an existing, unlocked file.
Public enumeration SheetTypeIndicates the type of sheet that is returned.
Public enumeration SheetVisibilityIndicates whether the returned sheets are visible.
Public enumeration WorkbookCalculationDefines the calculation mode setting for a workbook.
Public enumeration WorkbookTypeDefines the supported workbook types.