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Getting started with tabs for Microsoft Teams

Richard Taylor|Last Updated: 5/16/2017
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Tabs in Microsoft Teams allow you to display rich interactive web content. You can build a Microsoft Teams tab from scratch or by adapting your existing web app experience.

Microsoft Teams supports tabs in two different scopes:

  • Team scope: Tabs in channels allow teams to interact with your shared experience. Currently, all tabs in channels are "configurable tabs" where a user configures the content of your tab experience when the tab is first added to a channel.
  • Personal scope: Personal tabs allow users to interact with your experience privately, via the app bar. Currently, all personal tabs are "static tabs" that are always present and cannot be added or removed.

Overview of building a Microsoft Teams tab

Follow these steps to build a tab:

  • Design a great tab: While it's easy to adapt a web app to become a Microsoft Teams tab, it's worth considering which of your experiences and functionality will work most effectively.
  • Create the package: This package contains the manifest, which specifies attributes of your tab, as well as other app components you may provide as part of your Teams app experience.

For Configurable Tabs

For Static Tabs

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