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Microsoft Teams Developer Preview

Lauragra|Last Updated: 1/19/2017
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Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates with apps and services that teams use to get work done together. The Microsoft Teams Developer Preview makes it easy for you to integrate your own service, whether you develop custom apps for your enterprise or SaaS applications for teams around the world.

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Tabs allow team members to access your service on a dedicated canvas within a channel. This lets teams work directly with the tools and data you provide, in the channel’s context, and to have conversations about them. Examples of tabs include dashboards and data visualization, documents and notes, group task management and shared design canvases. Users can add tabs in either a chat or channel, and can have conversations about them. It's easy for you to create a tab from your existing web app.

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Build and connect intelligent bots to interact with Microsoft Teams users naturally through chat. Bots can answer natural language questions and perform lightweight tasks such as querying bug information or kicking off a build.​ Any bot you've created using the Microsoft Bot Framework can easily be made to work in Microsoft Teams.

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Office 365 Connectors are a great way to get useful information and content into Microsoft Teams. Any user can connect their group to services like Trello, Bing News, Twitter, etc., and get notified of the team's activity in that service. From tracking a team's progress in Trello, to following important hashtags in Twitter, Office 365 Connectors make it easier for teams to stay in sync and get more done.

You can integrate your service by posting rich Connector cards into custom incoming webhooks.

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