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j-martens|Last Updated: 12/15/2016
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Finds the path for one or more packages for a compute context.


 rxFindPackage(package, computeContext = NULL, allNodes = FALSE, lib.loc = NULL, quiet = TRUE,
              verbose = getOption("verbose"))


package: character vector of name(s) of packag(es).

computeContext: an ‘RxComputeContext’ or equivalent character string or ‘NULL’. If set to the default of ‘NULL’, the currently active compute context is used.

allNodes: logical. If ‘TRUE’ and an ‘RxInTeradata’ compute context is used, a list of results from each node is returned.

lib.loc: a character vector describing the location of R library trees to search through, or ‘NULL’. The default value of ‘NULL’ corresponds to checking the loaded namespace, then all libraries currently known in ‘.libPaths()’.

quiet: logical. If ‘FALSE’, warnings or an error is given if the package is not found.

verbose: logical. If ‘TRUE’, additional diagnostics are printed if available.


This is a wrapper for ‘find.package’. See the help file for additional details. Related R functions are find.package and require.

Return Value

A character vector of paths of package directories. If using a distributed compute context with the ‘allNodes’ set to ‘TRUE’, a list of lists with a character vector of paths from each node will be returned.


This example demonstrates how to find the paths for the RevoScaleR and lattice packages.

packagePaths <- rxFindPackage(package = c("RevoScaleR", "lattice"))

This example gets the path of the RevoScaleR package in a SQL Server compute context.

sqlServerCompute <- RxInSqlServer(connectionString =
"Driver=SQL Server;Server=myServer;Database=TestDB;Uid=myID;Pwd=myPwd;")
sqlPackagePaths <- rxFindPackage(package = "RevoScaleR", computeContext = sqlServerCompute)

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