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Introducing Microsoft R Open

j-martens|Last Updated: 12/7/2016
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Microsoft R Open is the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation. It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science. Being based on the open source R engine makes Microsoft R Open fully compatibility with all R packages, scripts and applications that work with that version of R. Microsoft R Open delivers performance boosts, in comparison to the standard R distribution, since R Open leverages high-performance, multi-threaded math libraries. Like open source R from CRAN, Microsoft R Open is open source and free to download, use, and share.

Microsoft R Open provides limited performance and scalability in comparison to Microsoft R Server and Microsoft R Client Editions. Specifically, none of the proprietary ScaleR functions and packages included with Microsoft R Server and Microsoft R Client are available in standalone Microsoft R Open. Also, data that can be processed is limited to the data that can fit in server memory.

Visit the MRAN Website to learn more about Microsoft R Open and download it.


MRO is a requirement of both R Client and R Server. Customers can choose to install the version of MRO required for each product during the installation process for each product. You cannot choose a different version to use with your Microsoft R product. There is one exception to the integrated setup experience: Cloudera Manager. If you are using Cloudera Manager to install R Server for Hadoop in a multi-node configuration, you have to install MRO separately. The distribution for this package is not through MRAN. For more information and download instructions, see Install Microsoft R Server 9.0.1 on Hadoop.

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