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Microsoft R Client / R Server Compatibility

j-martens|Last Updated: 2/7/2017
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Microsoft R Client is a free, community-supported, data science tool for high performance analytics. On its own, the data to be processed must fit in local memory, and processing is limited up to two threads for ScaleR functions. To benefit from disk scalability, performance and speed, you can push the compute context to a production instance of Microsoft R Server such as SQL Server R Services and R Server for Hadoop. Learn more about the compatibility in the table below.

Microsoft R Client can be downloaded from Learn more in this Microsoft R Getting Started guide.

R Client runs on Windows only. Greater operating system support is coming soon.

Microsoft R Client works with the following flavors of Microsoft R Server:

R Server OfferingsCompatible with R Client 3.3.2
Microsoft R Server for Linux8.0.5 - 9.0.1
Microsoft R Server for Teradata DB8.0.5 - 9.0.1
Microsoft R Server for Hadoop8.0.5 - 9.0.1
Microsoft R Server for Windows9.0.1
SQL Server R Services
(in-database & standalone)
SQL Server 2016 RTM -
SQL Server vNext CTP1
HDInsight (cluster type: R Server)8.0.x - 9.0.1

*Build 1.0.0 works with Microsoft R Server for Hadoop 2016 build 8.0.5 if you do the following:

  1. Install the RTools package from CRAN onto the machine running R Client.

  2. Explicitly add . /usr/lib64/microsoft-r/8.0/hadoop/ to /etc/profile file.

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