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Package Reference (Microsoft R)

Heidi Steen|Last Updated: 12/7/2016
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This section contains the function reference documentation for proprietary revo packages installed with Microsoft R Client and R Server, or available in a service (SQL Server or Azure). Each package offers functions used for specific categories of operations. To explore these packages at no charge, download and install the free Microsoft R Client.

foreachA set of tools that allow you to run any R code or script that can be expressed as a for-loop as a set of parallel tasks.
MicrosoftMLA collection of functions in Microsoft R used for machine learning at scale.
mrsdeployDeployment functions for interactive remote execution at the command line, plus web service functions for bundling up R code blocks as discrete web services that can be deployed and managed on an R Server instance.
RevoScaleRData acquisition, manipulation and transformations, visualization, and analysis. RevoScaleR provides functions for the full range of statistical and analytical tasks. It's the backbone of R Server functionality.
RevoPemaRDeveloper functions for coding custom parallel external memory algorithms.
RevoIOQ and RUnitInstallation and Operational Qualification test functions, used in conjunction with the RUnit package to run a set of unit tests. It has only one user-facing function, also called RevoIOQ. Reference documentation is online only (*).
RevoModsMicrosoft modifications and extensions to standard R functions. Reference documentation is online only (*).
RevoTreeViewDecision tree functions, including the rxDTree function. Reference documentation is online only (*).
RevoUtilsUtility functions useful when programming and developing R packages. Reference documentation is online only (*).
RevoUtilsMathMicrosoft's distribution of the Intel Math Kernal Library (MKL). Reference documentation is online only (*).

* Learn more about this package by typing ?"packagename" in the RGUI.exe console window or in the R Help page in your preferred R IDE, such as R Tools for Visual Studio.

Deprecated packages

The following packages exist for backward compatibility but are no longer under active development:

  • RevoRpeConnector
  • RevoRsrConnector
  • revolpe

For a list of deprecated or discontinued functions within an existing package, see Release notes for R Server.

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