April 2012 Issue

Editor's Note - More of What You Came For
Cutting Edge - Long Polling and SignalR
Data Points - Let Power Users Create Their Own OData Feeds
Building HTML5 Applications - Using CSS3 Media Queries to Build a More Responsive Web
C++ - A Code-Based Introduction to C++ AMP
C++ AMP - Introduction to Tiling in C++ AMP
T4 Templates - Lowering the Barriers to Code Generation with T4
Microsoft Office - Integrating Windows Workflow Foundation with the OpenXML SDK
Kinect - Context-Aware Dialogue with Kinect
BizTalk - Batching EDI Data in BizTalk Server 2010
CLR - An Overview of Performance Improvements in .NET 4.5
Test Run - Bacterial Foraging Optimization
Client Insight - Using JsRender with JavaScript and HTML
Touch and Go - Musical Instruments for Windows Phone
Don't Get Me Started - Poetry of the Geeks
Web Dev Report - 5 Things Web Developers Need to Know About CSS
Leading LightSwitch - The LightSwitch MVVM Model
Windows Phone - Transforming an Android App into a Windows Phone App
Windows Azure Insider - Implementing Pub/Sub Applications with SignalR
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