MSDN Magazine March 2009
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Internet Explorer 8: New Features To Slice, Store, And Accelerate Your Web Applications
Internet Explorer 8 sports some exciting new features including Web Slices, Accelerators, and search suggestions along with AJAX navigation and DOM storage. Daron Yöndem
Silverlight Patterns: Model-View-ViewModel In Silverlight 2 Apps
In this article, you’ll learn how to avoid problematic tight coupling by applying the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in Silverlight 2. Shawn Wildermuth
SharePoint: 10 Best Practices For Building SharePoint Solutions
Here we summarize a number of best practices for developing SharePoint solutions. E. Wilansky, T. Stojecki, P. Olszewski and S. Kowalewski
Database Development: Introducing New Features In The VSTS Database Edition GDR
This article describes features introduced in the GDR for Visual Studio Team Server Database Edition. Jamie Laflen and Barclay Hill
.NET Interop: Automate Acceptance Testing With IronRuby
Acceptance testing verifies that the system under development meets the customer’s requirements. Learn the benefits here. Ben Hall
MSBuild: Best Practices For Creating Reliable Builds, Part 2
Find out here how you can use MSBuild to better manage and control large build projects in Visual Studio. Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

Editor's Note: Growing Pains
An economic downturn is no time to stop moving forward. Remember the core goals of your business and forge ahead. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: Rich AJAX Data Controls, Analyzing HTTP Traffic, And More
This month we look at rich data Web controls for AJAX, HTTP traffic analysis, and more. Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: Isolated Storage In Silverlight 2
See how to get the most out of isolated storage in Silverlight to keep your applications safe. Justin Van Patten
Cutting Edge: Explore Rich Client Scripting With jQuery, Part 1
Thanks to selectors and function chaining, jQuery allows you to write compact, cross-browser code. Dino Esposito
The Polyglot Programmer: Mixing And Matching Languages
See why you need to be a polyglot programmer and what mixing and matching languages can do for your projects. Ted Neward
Test Run: Automating UI Tests In WPF Applications
This month we describe techniques for automating UI testing in Windows Presentation Foundation applications. James McCaffrey
Security Briefs: Protect Your Site With URL Rewriting
Learn the numerous ways in which you can rewrite URLs to defend against common Web vulnerabilities. Bryan Sullivan
Extreme ASP.NET: Charting With ASP.NET And LINQ
The combination of the ASP.NET Chart Control and the data querying power of LINQ lets you build flexible charts. Learn how here. K. Scott Allen
Wicked Code: 3 Important Tips For Silverlight Development
As a Web platform, Silverlight should be fast. Don’t keep your users waiting by not heeding these performance tips. Jeff Prosise
Team System: Team Build 2008 Customization
See how to modify the default behavior of Team Build, extend your builds with custom tasks, and make use of the enhancements in Team Build 2008 SP1. Brian A. Randell
Foundations: Writing More Efficient ItemsControls
Here Charles Petzold explains several techniques for improving the performance of ItemsControls. Charles Petzold
Usability in Practice: Strategies for Designing Application Navigation
Good navigation makes for happy users, and happy users are good for your business. See what makes users happy this month. Dr. Charles B. Kreitzberg and Ambrose Little
{ End Bracket }: Perfect API Design
Why is good API design so difficult when all you really need is perfection? Intrigued? Read on. James Waletzky
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