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  • Security Briefs: SDL Embraces The Web
    In this installment we introduce you to new Web-oriented security guidance and tools straight from the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) team at Microsoft.
    Bryan Sullivan - September 2008
  • Security Quiz: Test Your Security IQ
    Our security experts present 10 vulnerable pieces of code. Your mission is to find the holes (a.k.a. bad security practices) in the code.
    Michael Howard and Bryan Sullivan - November 2008
  • Agile SDL: Streamline Security Practices For Agile Development
    Bryan Sullivan discusses the new SDL for Web applications and Agile projects with more compressed release cycles.
    Bryan Sullivan - November 2008
  • Security Briefs: Protect Your Site With URL Rewriting
    Learn the numerous ways in which you can rewrite URLs to defend against common Web vulnerabilities.
    Bryan Sullivan - March 2009
  • Security Briefs: Cryptographic Agility
    Even if you use only the most secure algorithms and the longest key lengths, there’s no guarantee that the code you write today will remain secure. A better alternative is to plan for agility from the beginning. Rather than hard-coding specific cryptographic algorithms into your code, use one of the crypto-agility features built into the Microsoft .NET Framework. This article shows you how.
    Bryan Sullivan - August 2009