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  • Visual Studio .NET: Top Ten Cool Features of Visual Studio .NET Help You Go From Geek to Guru
    Visual Studio .NET has lots of cool features. Obviously, it supports languages that target the common language runtime, like C# and Visual Basic .NET, and it lets you write CLR-managed code. But did you know that there are features of the environment itself, independent of the language features, that earn Visual Studio .NET the cool tool stamp of approval?In this article the authors count down their favorite environment features—the ones they think every developer will applaud. They include support for debugging stored procedures, project reference management, metadata in Class View, a richer immediate window, custom environment programming with macros, and more.
    Jon Flanders and Chris Sells - October 2002
  • SAAS: Connect Enterprise Apps with Hosted BizTalk Services
    In this article we introduce you to BizTalk Services, new technology that offers the Enterprise Service Bus features of BizTalk Server as a hosted service.
    Jon Flanders and Aaron Skonnard - June 2008
  • Service Station: An Introduction To RESTful Services With WCF
    We discuss some of the basic tenets of REST as well as present an implementation of a RESTful service using WCF.
    Jon Flanders - January 2009
  • Service Station: Creating And Consuming Web Feeds
    Jon Flanders demonstrates creating and consuming Web feeds with Windows Communication Foundation and AtomPub.
    Jon Flanders - April 2009
  • Service Station: More On REST
    This month's column answers frequently asked questions about implementing REST.
    Jon Flanders - July 2009