This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

REM Statement

Used to include explanatory remarks in a program.

REM comment


' comment


Optional. The text of any comment you want to include. A space is required between the REM keyword and comment.


You can put a REM statement alone on a line, or you can put it on a line following another statement. The REM statement must be the last statement on the line. If it follows another statement, the REM must be separated from that statement by a space.

You can use a single quote (') instead of REM. This is true whether your comment follows another statement on the same line or sits alone on a line.

Note   You cannot continue a REM statement by using a line-continuation sequence ( _). Once a comment begins, the compiler does not examine the characters for special meaning. For a multiple-line comment, use another REM statement or a comment symbol (') on each line.


This example illustrates the REM statement, which is used to include explanatory remarks in a program. It also shows the alternative of using the single quote character (') instead of REM.

Dim MyStr1, MyStr2 as String
MyStr1 = "Hello" REM Comment after a statement using REM.
MyStr2 = "Goodbye"   ' Comment after a statement using the ' character.
REM This entire line is a comment.
' This entire line is also a comment.

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