This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Server Component Samples

These samples demonstrate some common tasks using components.

COM Port Sample

Demonstrates how to control a communications port.

Event Log Sample

Demonstrates how to create and delete event logs, and how to read and write to system event logs and custom event logs.

File Notification Sample

Uses the FileSystemWatcher class to respond when files are created, deleted, modified or renamed.

Managing Processes Sample

Uses objects in the System.Diagnostics namespace to gather information about a running process.

Message Queue Sample

Shows how to send and receive message-queue messages from Windows Forms applications.

Performance Counters Sample

Shows how to read from and write to performance counters.

Process Control Sample

Illustrates some of the ways to launch and monitor processes using the Process class of the System.Diagnostics namespace.

Responding to System Events Sample

Uses the SystemEvents class, which allows an application to react to events raised by system activity.

Service Manager Sample

Shows how to control Windows Services.

WMI Sample

Uses objects in the System.Management namespace to access Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).


This class is used to start and stop processes.


This class triggers events when files change.


This class triggers events when display settings change.

Visual Basic Application Samples

These samples demonstrate project, user, and assembly tasks.

Data Samples

These samples demonstrate data access.

Visual Basic Windows Forms Samples

These samples demonstrate Windows Forms applications.

Visual Basic Language Samples

These samples demonstrate Visual Basic language concepts.

Visual Basic Security Samples

These samples demonstrate security tasks.

Visual Basic Sample Applications

This page is the starting point for all Visual Basic samples included with the documentation.

Directory Services Samples

Contains samples that access and manage the Active Directory, showing how to do several typical directory operations.

Server-based Components for .NET Framework Applications

Discusses server-based components provided by the .NET Framework, such as MessageQueue and EventLog.