This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

report Sample: C Run-Time Debugging Report Functions

The report sample illustrates several ways to use the debug report functions of the C run-time libraries.

Building and Running the Sample

To build and run this sample

  1. Open the solution report.sln.
  2. From the Build menu, click Build.
  3. From the Debug menu, select Start Without Debugging.
  4. To see the output of the program as it progresses, set breakpoints in the code and then view the output in the program's command window. Or, run Debug\report.exe from the command line.


This sample uses the following keywords:

_assert; _asserte; _crtsetreportfile; _crtsetreporthook; _crtsetreportmode; _rpt0; _rpt2; _rptf2; aboutbox; createinstance; displaystring; fflush; fprintf; free; get_size; helpstring; id; iid_is; malloc; module; ourreportingfunction; pointer_default; put_size; strcpy; uuid

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