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Property Pages Build Tab

The Build tab allows you to determine which properties are set for the selected project.

Generate debugging information
Directs the integrated development environment (IDE) to create information that aids in debugging when the project is run.
Option Strict Off by default
Makes Option Strict active for the selected project. Option Strict On enforces strict type semantics.
Option Explicit On by default
Makes Option Explicit active for the selected project. Option Explicit On enforces explicit variable declaration.
Option Compare Binary by default
Turns on the Binary option for Option Compare, which controls how string comparisons are carried out. Leaving the box unchecked specifies Option Compare Text.
Enable build warnings
Causes build warnings to appear at design time.
Treat warnings as errors
Causes build warnings to appear in the IDE as errors. This option is unavailable if the Enable build warnings box is unchecked.
Define DEBUG constant
Defines debug constants.
Define TRACE constant
Defines trace constants.
Custom constants
Specifies constants to be used in the project.

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