This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IServiceProviderImpl Class

This class provides a default implementation of the IServiceProvider interface.

template <
   class T
class ATL_NO_VTABLE IServiceProviderImpl :
   public IServiceProvider


Your class, derived from IServiceProviderImpl.


The IServiceProvider interface locates a service specified by its GUID and returns the interface pointer for the requested interface on the service. Class IServiceProviderImpl provides a default implementation of this interface.

IServiceProviderImpl specifies one method: QueryService, which creates or accesses the specified service and returns an interface pointer to the specified interface for the service.

IServiceProviderImpl uses a service map, starting with BEGIN_SERVICE_MAP and ending with END_SERVICE_MAP.

The service map contains two entries: SERVICE_ENTRY, which indicates a specified service id (SID) supported by the object, and SERVICE_ENTRY_CHAIN, which calls QueryService to chain to another object.


Header: atlcom.h


See the PerfPersist Sample and the StencilCache Sample.

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