This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

C# Language Primer

Visual Studio 2008

This section is a refresher course designed to help remind you of some basic programming concepts, and help you get up to speed in practical C# coding skills. Read through the following sections, write and compile some simple programs using the code examples as a guide, and you'll soon know enough C# to start writing your own applications.

This language primer contains the following topics:

Inside a C# Program (Visual C#)

Hello World examined in detail.

Program Structure and Flow of Execution

How execution flow differs in typical Windows and console applications.


Keeping your projects organized.


Introduction to object orientated programming and classes.


Creating your own lightweight data types.

Variables and Constants

Storing data inside your program.


Perform calculations and tests on your data.

Decisions and Branching

Enabling your program to make decisions.


Storing and manipulating text.

Arrays and Collections

Storing data in easily accessed data collections.


Going around in circles, and breaking out of them.


A useful, and unique, data type.

Errors and Exception Handling

Catching errors before they stop your program.