Compiler Error C2298


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operation' : illegal operation on pointer to member function expression

A pointer to member-function expression must call the member function.

The following sample generates C2298.

// C2298.cpp  
#include <stdio.h>  
struct X {  
   void mf() {  
      puts("in X::mf");  
   void mf2() {  
      puts("in X::mf2");  
X x;  
// pointer to member functions with no params and void return in X  
typedef void (X::*pmf_t)();   
// a pointer to member function X::mf  
void (X::*pmf)() = &X::mf;  
int main() {  
   int (*pf)();  
   pf = x.*pmf;   // C2298  
   +(x.*pmf);     // C2298  
   pmf_t pf2 = &X::mf2;  
   (x.*pf2)();   // uses X::mf2  
   (x.*pmf)();   // uses X::mf  

The following sample generates C2298.

// C2298_b.cpp  
// compile with: /c  
void F() {}  
class Measure {  
   void SetTrackingFunction(void (Measure::*fnc)()) {  
      TrackingFunction = this->*fnc;   // C2298  
      TrackingFunction = fnc;   // OK  
      GlobalTracker = F;   // OK  
   void (Measure::*TrackingFunction)(void);  
   void (*GlobalTracker)(void);