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Called by the framework when the main frame window receives a DDE execute message.

      virtual BOOL OnDDECommand(
   LPTSTR lpszCommand 


Points to a DDE command string received by the application.

Nonzero if the command is handled; otherwise 0.

The default implementation checks whether the command is a request to open a document and, if so, opens the specified document. The Windows File Manager usually sends such DDE command strings when the user double-clicks a data file. Override this function to handle other DDE execute commands, such as the command to print.


BOOL CMyApp::OnDDECommand(LPTSTR lpszCommand)
   if (CWinApp::OnDDECommand(lpszCommand))
      return TRUE;

   // Handle any DDE commands recognized by your application
   // and return TRUE.  See implementation of CWinApp::OnDDEComand
   // for example of parsing the DDE command string.

   // Return FALSE for any DDE commands you do not handle.
   return FALSE;


Header: afxwin.h

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