Choosing 'Help About' Information, Visual Studio Add-In Wizard

This page allows you to add information about your add-in — such as version information, support information, licensing information, and so forth — to the Visual Studio Help About dialog box.

Would you like to generate settings for the "About" box?

When checked, allows you to enter information to display in the Visual Studio Help About dialog box. Otherwise, no additional info is added to the Help About dialog box.

Where can your user receive technical support for your Add-in?

This box allows you to enter whatever information you wish to appear in the Help About dialog box. Some example text is included to get you started. Examples of good information to add includes:

  • Support information, including phone numbers and/or Web sites

  • Copyright information

  • Version information

  • Implementation notes

  • Whatever you feel is useful to users of your add-in

In addition to this information, an About box requires an icon. A default icon is included as a placeholder, and you can keep it or replace it with another icon.

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