ToDouble Method

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Converts the specified string representation of a number to an equivalent double-precision floating-point number.

Namespace:  System
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Shared Function ToDouble ( _
	s As String _
) As Double


Type: System..::..String
A string that contains the number to convert.

Return Value

Type: System..::..Double
A double-precision floating-point number that is equivalent to the number in value, or 0 (zero) if value is nullNothingnullptrunita null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


value is not a number in a valid format.


value represents a number that is less than Double..::..MinValue or greater than Double..::..MaxValue.

Using the ToDouble(String) method is equivalent to passing value to the Double..::..Parse(String) method. value is interpreted by using the formatting conventions of the current thread culture.

If you prefer not to handle an exception if the conversion fails, you can call the Double..::..TryParse method instead. It returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed.