Pending Checkins Window
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Pending Checkins Window

Displays all the checked-out files in the current solution or project. You can use this window to check in all the files with a single button click.

In Visual Studio, on the View menu, click Pending Checkins.

Change type

Identifies the type of change that has been made to the selected item.

Check In

Checks in the selected items.


Identifies columns to display and the order in which they are displayed.


Specifies a comment to associate with the check-in operation.

Flat View

Displays the files you are checking in as flat lists under their source control connection.


Displays the names of the items to check in. Items appear with the check boxes next to them selected. If you do not want to check in a particular item, clear its check box.

Open with Editor

Opens the selected file in the appropriate editor. This menu choice is only available if the Pending Checkins window contains source-controlled items.


Displays plug-in-specific check-in options when the arrow to the right of the button is clicked.


Changes the sort order of the displayed columns.

Tree View

Displays the folder and file hierarchy for the items you are checking in.

Undo checkout

Reverts the checkout for a selected item, which loses any changes made since the checkout.

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