This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugging Transact-SQL

This topic applies to:

Visual Studio Ultimate

Visual Studio Premium

Visual Studio Professional

Visual Studio Express


With the Visual Studio debugger and SQL Server, beginning with SQL Server 2005, you can debug Transact-SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers, and other kinds of database objects that were created with Transact-SQL.

You can also use the Visual Studio debugger for debugging database objects that use managed code. For more information, see SQL CLR Database Debugging.

For more information about debugging Transact-SQL with SQL Server Management Studio, see Using the Transact-SQL Debugger.

Transact-SQL Debugging Limitations

Describes restrictions and limitations on the use of Transact-SQL debugging features.

Setting Up Transact-SQL Debugging

Lists software requirements for Transact-SQL debugging, for the server and workstation, instructions for enabling Transact-SQL debugging, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting setup.

Debugging Transact-SQL Database Objects

Provides detailed instructions and samples for each type of SQL Server database object that can be debugged in the Transact-SQL editor.

Debugging Multi-tier Database Applications

Describes how to debug applications whose components are located on multiple machines.

Overview of Visual Database Tools

Describes and provides links to topics on Visual Database Tools and database connections and references.

SQL CLR Database Debugging

Describes how to debug SQL CLR database objects in Visual Studio using the SQL Server project type.