Creating and Configuring Type Members

Once you have created a type in a class diagram, you can add its members and configure them. You do this using the Class Details window, which by default appears at the bottom of the Visual Studio window when you open a class diagram. The following sections describe how to work with type members.

Creating Type Members

Provides guidance for creating type members with Class Designer.

How to: Modify Type Members

Describes how to modify type members.

How to: Add a Parameter to a Method

Explains how to add a parameter to a method.

How to: Open the Class Details Window

Explains how to open the Class Details window.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Class Details Window

Describes keyboard shortcuts for the Class Details window.

Class Details Window Usage Notes

Provides tips for using the Class Details window.

Display of Read-Only Information

Describes how read-only information is displayed in the class diagram.

Class Details Window Elements

Provides links to topics describing elements of the Class Details window.

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